True Thusness, free of falsehood, is ever silent;
Birthless, deathless, it is all pervasive.
The realm of the buddhas is also thus;
Essentially equal, not increasing or decreasing.

Just as ultimate reality has no limit,
Is in all times yet is not therein,
So is the realm of the Guide,
Pervading all times without obstruction.

The nature of things is uncreate, unchanging,
Fundamentally pure, like space:
So also is the purity of nature of buddhas—
Their fundamental nature is not a nature, is beyond being and non-being.

The nature of things is not in discussion,
It is speechless, beyond speech, eternally quiescent.
The nature of the realm of the Ten-Powered is also thus;
No words can explain it.

Avatamsaka Sutra – 980

Note on the image: The Five Dhyani Buddhas. Amoghasiddhi (north)
Amitabha (west) Vairocana (principal deity/meditator) Akshobhya (east)
Ratnasambhava (south)