With your support we have grown and evolved over the years, expanding our mission to include the gifts from the world’s finest herbalist traditions. This year we return to the root of our Quest and back to the foundations of our Mission. The Pilgrim’s Quest through the realms and holy mountains has yielded the secrets of masters, of precious herbs, of priceless compounds and elixirs. We follow the Medicine Buddha back to the Physician of the Soul, the Doctors of the Heart, into the autonomous regions of the shamanic Old Man, the master of Immortality, God of the North and Soul Pole. The call to the old shamanic medicine was the incurable diseases, the spiritual illness, the open wound of the soul. The initiatory search for the alchemical knowledge is the life pursuit of Nature’s hidden signatures and correspondences. It is the search for Mt. Meru, the internal microcosmic return to the center, beyond the hyperphysical cloak of red dust, density and matter.

 We follow the trade routes from the mythical homeland through the Dzungarian gates, into the lands of the new religious masters, emerging from the ashes in the steppes and mountains. The old medicines and incenses presence the Eternal Blue Sky, into the autonomous regions of sacred, secret monasteries.  Then to the most revered Tibetan medical institutes where we shall present the finest of the precious jewel and nectar pills in our dynamic new initiatives to create a new project with our master teachers who produce these herbal sacraments. Our guild sources also extend North and towards the Altai, Ural and Arkaim areas of Russia, into the Siberian Arctic, and into the Finnish, Scandinavian regions of Northern Europe, bringing the finest medicinal fungi, and medicinals from the old routes of the Hyperborean adepts.

Our spagyric laboratory is evolving to synthesis these healing elements into the best of the European masters from Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and a special alchemical master teacher who resides in Iceland. Our guild is glowing with the radiant, enthusiastic wisdom of transmuted suffering and pain into the enlightened beacon of Wisdom and Healing. We will be having special offerings to fund some special equipment to bring you the finest evolving deep spagyrics and herbal alchemy. Look for these, more special monographs, Medicine Buddha offerings and free gifts with every order, and especially to our most generous and long time clients and supporters.  Our hearts are filled with such gratitude to be a part of the healing and health of our dedicated friends, and we have special items for those elite grade who have invested in our mission and future. We cherish and honor this support and vow to reciprocate such blessings with a dedication to our Craft and Quality in constant sacred devotion to the Healing Arts. This is our Religion, the Path and Way of the Herbalist is the ora et labora, the constant incessant focus on the Great Work.

“All the sciences of the world, O Son are comprehended in this my hidden Wisdom; and this, and the learning of the Art, consists in these wonderful hidden elements which it doth discover and complete. It behoves him, therefore, who would be introduced to this hidden Wisdom, to free himself from the hidden usurpations of vice; and to be just, and good, and of a sound reason, ready at hand to help mankind, of a serene countenance, diligent to save, and be himself a patient guardian of the arcane secrets of philosophy.”