Those that know the core of our group intimately know that it was born of the search for true medicine in the face of certain death. We have the same teachers, traveled the same dark and foreboding path beyond the abyss of fear and the distractions of the illusions of the red dust world. We formed an intimate group of seekers, those that fled the conflicts in Asia, India and surrounding areas cast into perpetual war. We sought the masters who searched for those to pass on their traditions, the living libraries of wise folk that pour knowledge and wisdom into the disciple. It is this deep authentic and noetic living that healed us, and we have formed our own guild, our own herbalist society of healers around the world to presence the true healing and alchemical medicines for those seeking and suffering. We began this in the grips of death and pain, the spiritual and bodily illness that consumed all peace. Exiled from the normal relationships and landmarks, the plants and their human stewards are our true masters, our true friends and true religious devotion. Thus healed from the convergence of ancestral knowledge, we pledged to take the path of the Siddha saints, and work endlessly for those seeking the true liberation. Our clients become deep friends, spiritual allies, and co-creators of a new type of noetic herbalism. We seek the ancient wisdom from all the indigenous and ancestral people the traditionalist folkways in a way that maintains them for the future.

Our economical model has always been based on the ethics of permaculture and sustainable preservation of the traditional ways. We have grown steadily by forming long term alliances with our guild members, many of whom are of the older generation, stuck between the future shock of changing worlds, technologies and times. We seek to preserve their knowledge and create the micro-economies that give them a sustainable income, while giving us artisan, high quality herbs. We also work with younger families who are filling in the gap from the older generations and the intervening who readily sold their inheritances for technology and luxury. The young have revolted against this modernist living and returned to homesteading, foraging in the wild and scratching out a living farming and wildcrafting. We all have families, and thus have ‘skin in the game’ in creating lasting, traditional modes of living. It is another crucial time of crisis, a breaking point as with the industrial revolution and the world wars that wiped away thousands of years of culture and knowledge for the short sighted hubris of ‘progress’ and technology. We are at a collective and personal fork in the road, where we must decide and define ourselves through thought, word and deed what our worldview consists of and what is truly the meaning and purpose of this Life. The cohesive messages of all media, entertainment and science is that of nihilistic, insignificance and of a biophobia or hatred of life, especially human. We exalt in the potential perfection of self and humanity, the inner reformation, the true spiritual enlightenment that awakens from the delusions that rob us of meaning and dignity.

The modern experiment rages on with perpetual, exponential leaps of technology. The world is no happier, in many ways much less healthy, and the quality of life and spiritual angst creates a true internal toxin. The pace of life, the depleted foods, the chemicals, pollution are the perfect storm. We must break the cycle within ourselves of this abuse and trauma. We do this by becoming True Human beings, and adjusting our life with Ritual and Art. We must embody the divine avatars the fight the demonic hordes in the sagas and myths of the Gods. We must have high ethics and morals and mark the sacred in every act. It is this desacralized denial of the spiritual, the true observer of consciousness beyond brain chemistry, that effects reality itself. The alchemy of transmuting into a moral, empathetic and truly healthy person is vital for our next generation. As we face agendas of a post-human world, of artificial intelligence, artificial foods, drugs, even the temples in Japan are using robots, we must rebel in a spiritual combat of asserting that life is precious, meaningful, and that we are the embodiment of the forces of creation in the microcosmic perfection of our human manifestation. We are here to test this spirit and soul, to assay our noble hearts in the brutal wilderness and remain upright, compassionate, and honorable in the face of overwhelming odds. This is the essence of all heroic action from the Vedic lore to the Sagas of all ancestral people.

We have the deepest gratitude to the clients to support us in our special offerings when we moved some time ago. But we are moving again, this time to even more remote locations in the wilds. It is ironic the powers that be give lip service to going green and sustainable but yet zone and bureaucratically impose impossible restrictions for true off-grid living in most areas. It is only in the true desolate wild that one can pursue freedom. Our goal is to build up this land into what is termed a kin domain in Russia, and for expanding around for forest food gardens and sustainable retreat areas for true seekers. In the short term we have acquired the land and basic infrastructure and the real work begins: creating a vast alchemical laboratory for the various experts of the guilds to unite in focused spagyric and alchemcial research. We have spent decades making contacts in the doctors in the fields of Siddha and Ayruvedic medicine, Tibetan lamas and lay tantrik practitioners, South American to Northern European and Eurasian Russian shamans, Sufi and indigenous healers from Middle East and West Africa, gurus, and so many different lineages of experts in healing. Truly we have been able to introduce the only sources of some of these rare herbs and plants. We honor each in their own culture and seek to bring the best in a truly ethical and honorable manner. Our goal is to provide the healing herbs and elixirs, the noetic medicine of the old people, the old ways, the ancestors who refined therapies, medicines and methods to heal the mind, body and soul. We thank you so much for your support and in addition to these special offerings we will be offering special batches of free elixirs with every order during this phase of our mission.