Our Guild’s exoteric purpose is to disseminate as much healing herbs and practices as possible, and to preserve the sources, to promote regenerative practices, and propagate heirloom species. Our esoteric purpose has been to articulate and work towards a new type of Mastery, to become and train a new type of Adept. Thus our members have sought initiations in every alchemical lineage and sat at the foot of Master Teacher’s for decades. We seek to find those that can assist in this mission, from patrons and supporters, to those in deep internships, to those that contribute research, editorial assistance in a variety of mediums, to technical support, legal counsel etc. that the Tradition may thrive and endure.

As the world and society crumbles in the controlled collapse, we have been creating insulated areas of practice for those seeking the deepest retreats,the mountain and forest Dharma, of alchemical internships, and joining/forming their own kindred domain or permacultural communities. We have published our template for the exoteric and esoteric plans that we have been building for decades. Even those that have no intention of ‘joining’ anything would benefit in structuring their own future plans and groups.

Mediating these exoteric and esoteric projects is our Research Society, that is dedicated to piecing together the ancestral lore, especially of the Indo-Europeans. This is because this is the source of the alchemical traditions, all of the European Mystery Traditions, all of the Polar traditions of Persia that persisted into Sufism, all of the Vedic, and related Asian cultures, and the Tarim mummies, for example, hint to same origins for the shamanic metallurgical brotherhoods that created Daoist arts. For those interested in learning more, click here.