Lotus Blossom Ascension Initiative


The world’s botanical medicines and sacraments are under constant assault by a parasitic aggregation of trauma-based initiatives from principalities and rulers trafficking in pain, suffering, scarcity and fear. They want only the sanctioned chemicals to feed the binary coded being of mind and root chakra, intellect and sex, dominance and power without the mediation and balancing of the trinary unfolding of the heart chakra. We launch a subtle energetic shamanic counter-initiative by offering a free Three Lotus Navapashanam Concentrate to any customers with any purchase or for the cost of shipping. These are the ancient Siddha alchemical soma plants traditionally prepared and super-concentrated with Navapashanam. The fear, anxiety, sadness and negative energy must be transmuted and used to fuel the spiritual processes of growth and energetic healing. The psychic knots and blocked channels are greatly benefited by these special herbs. We are so thankful to our faithful and new customers who are allowing us to constantly expand our products and operations. We are just getting started and we are channeling our efforts into a completely sustainable farm and healing compound, laboratory and research facility. In gratitude we humbly offer this sacred beautiful artisan Siddha herbal elixir for all wishing to have it.

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