Milarepa’s Song to the Hunter

“Hey, hunter listen to my song, Even though the voice of the dragon is powerful but it’s just an empty sound. Even though the color of the rainbow is beautiful, soon it will fade. Even though samsara looks prosperity, it’s like a dream. Even though the sensual pleasure looks happy, it’s the cause of evil deeds. Even though things look permanent but the reality is that everything is impermanent. The material things that have yesterday are not with here today. The person who was born last year, passed away this year. The good friends became enemy. The good foods became poison. People you have treated truly from heart fail you. These all are done by you and it’s hurt you back. From everyone around you, in the end, you should first feel compassion towards your self, and it’s time for You to come out from samsara. This life is impermanent, it can end anytime. You can’t do delay on practicing Dharma. Lovable cousins will take you to Samsara. It’s time to follow a genuine, compassionate and wise spiritual master. ​You will be happy in this life, and you will also be happy in your next life.”

We are all hunting for something, and the hunter becomes the hunted, lured by game into the wilderness of attachments and desires. The balance between the Great Work is assuaged with this insight, for the snares and entanglements obscure the path to Liberation. The Work done with the purity of non-attachment to outcome or personal gain is the True Wisdom. Without the compassion and empathy we become demons, haunting our own self made hells.