Prototype Neo-Dao Cigar Box Mini Herbal Laboratory

Another prototype kit, this one is stainless steel miniature pots, sieve, funnel, mini stove capable of wood or alcohol fuel, lab tools, 2 oz alcohol, mini mortar and pestle, mini scale, 2 survival lighters, pipettes, chop stick, whisk, measuring spoons, measuring cup, assorted metal dishes, muslin bags for straining, funnel, and plenty of room for other assorted tools, supplies, a micra tool. This is perfect kit for processing personal amounts of herbal medicine for retreats and sojourns as well as a cook kit if need be. The lid contains a lab tool kit with various scissors, scalpels, attached by a series of mini magnets. The stove comes in a pouch with more room for additional fuel, fire kit, and nestle down perfectly into the nested series of pots, strainers, mini dishes for various purposes, into a 1.75 cup stainless steel pot. Back behind there is more muslin bags holding various screens for the funnel, filter paper, litmus test kit, razor blades. To the right is the first mini survival lighter. To the right of that is a series of small cups and measuring cup, with room inside for cotton balls, muslin bags, etc. Secured in there is a small pestle that is wedging six measuring spoons in one direction and pipette and whisk in another. This is wrapped in black cotton for protection, would wrap in linen bag for long term which has multiple uses from straining water etc. To the left of that is a mini funnel, with another set of filters stuffed inside. Then a mini digital scale, and more bags, matches and leatherman micra with the bags wrapped around the pestle to protect it. Then the stove fits on top and there are mini high power magnets on all the components that keep them from shifting or rattling. Not shown but added soon will be a jeweler’s loop, and likely switch out the micra for a Swiss+Tech Micro-Max or something with grips for pulling hot steel pans off the stove easier. Line the bottom in cloth, clean and paint the inside lid, remove backing on wood…

the closed case

the opening act; the lab tools on the recessed lid attached by mini magnets, the black pouch is a miniature wood/alcohol stove.

stove removed, which fits in to a nestled series of steel pots, tube of fuel in foreground with a separate wooden sleeve is a miniature digital scale.

measuring spoon set, tucked behind the mortar (in black cloth)

unrolled mortar with muslin bags.

mortal and pestle together again.

these are the measuring cups that are tucked to the right rear of the box that are secured by a carved groove in the wooden section, perfect for processing tibetan or daoist precious pills and for woodland retreats use.

close up of the nesting steel pots, held together by mini magnets on the bottom so they don’t shift, secured pieces of cut cigar box.

these are the nesting pots spread out (from previous image); strainer, three small dishes, 1.75 cup pot on bottom, lid, two other small bowls, all secured by mini magnets.

close up of the strainer, some other items.

opened up the digital scale, with own sleeve and case and ranger band.

close up of 1 of 2 mini survival lighters.

mini stove laid flat on its pouch; contains fuel tube, another survival lighter, and a dish that can be used for alcohol or wood fuel.

stove set up on box.