Old Partners Reunited: Vegetalista Botanicals

Some of the original clients and friends might remember our partnership with this collective spanning back 20 years ago! With the customs and postal issues, and their reclusive nature into the jungles, our supplies from these true shamanic medicine adepts dwindled to correspondences and well-wishing. They have emerged from the bush with their most potent, ethically harvested, wildcrafted plant teachers in small batches. We are selling some raw and making blends and spagyric tinctures etc. as well for you and yours and our own uses as well. It is strange how some herbs resonate deep inside of your being and yet they are from very remote areas and regions. We have the hardwired shamanic core within us that recognizes these plants as true intelligence with some unique knowledge to impart. Our pursuit of the true shamanic wisdom, ancestral knowledge and keys to the plant kingdom has helped us to make the deepest relationships with plants and their human counterparts. We are so happy to bring a whole new line of herbs for using in your apothecary and protocols. We have many new initiatives planned for this year and beyond. All your purchases are reinvested in botanical, artisan guilds and ethical herbalists, dedicated to health and sustainable herbalism. We are working harder than ever to expand our operations and facilities to larger forest laboratories to train and research the best methods and means towards a truly dynamic, healthy lifestyle. We are so grateful for the continued support! Check Vegetalista Botanicals sections for new items added regularly, ultra freshest herbs! Contact for special requests, blends, extractions, protocols, etc.