Our Herbalist Guild System

An essential aspect to our sustainable and ethical business model is an evolved and empowering guild system. We partner with people in respect of their resources, skills, and products and create cooperative ventures based on symbiotic, mutually beneficial strategies. We believe in reciprocity and stewardship of fragile ecologies, of peoples, customs, old ways and artisan skills. We seek to provide a venue for craftsmen, herbalists, and artisans who we respect and who we have built relationships based on trust and respect. As we often say, trust is consistent behavior observed over time. This is our business model in providing consistent quality and service to our clients and suppliers, and we demand the same from them. It is a standard of quality and a code of personal honor in seeking the most authentic, sacred life based on integrity and the alchemical principles of self-transformation.

Thus we strive to constantly evolve and transmute in every aspect from ritual to research to meticulous attention to detail and ethics in our pursuit of perfection. We hope to articulate a dynamic ritual therapy, a true noetic and spagyric sacred herbalism that distills the best of our ancestral traditions into the most potent protocols for healing, training and enhancing the quality of life. This year will be our most intense efforts to take our mission to the next level, in our continued migration to more remote, pristine regions for our gardens, retreats and laboratory. We thank you for your support in allowing us to continue to grow and expand and we will work harder to earn your trust and your business. We offer a deep appreciation to our clients, customers and dedicated guild members who contribute the elite products and skillful means our loyal followers.