Sangha Announcement

I am seeking for the longevity in order to defend the Faith, not in order to enjoy worldly happiness. I pray that all the saints and sages will come to my help, so that I may get some good magic mushrooms [zhi 芝], and numinous elixirs [shendan 神丹], enabling me to cure all illnesses and to stop both hunger and thirst. In this way I shall be able to practice continually the way of the Sutras and to engage in the several forms of meditations. I shall hope to find a peaceful dwelling in the depths of the mountains, with enough numinous elixirs and medicine to carry out my plans. Thus by the aids of external elixirs [waidan] I shall be able to cultivate the elixir within [neidan]. Nanyue Huisi, Tiantai Buddhist patriarch vow (which also proves the Buddhist origins of the term Neidan or inner alchemy).

So many are yearning, dying of thirst from the spiritual desert or wasteland that has overtaken the earth. In this drought, this spiritual and health crisis, discernment fades and standards fall. What might appear to be pure water can be tainted with the most toxic pollutants. Many can feel that just below the surface is an unending font of rejuvenating spring waters. Yet these are impeded, contained, as if imprisoned behind the veil of densest matter. We do not speak with hyperbole, the time to pierce through the delusions into the pure springs of teachings in these times is now or never as we stand on the precarious threshold of a dystopian future and new, eternal dark age. There is always the Way, the methods within our essential Nature to recover and Remember the Original Wisdom. There must be no doubt the boundless teachings of the Dharma can overcome all obstacles and give relief to this suffering and the crisis of this world age.

We refuse to be complacent in the Occult Wars of this time, to simply hide away in our mountain hermitages and remote forests. We must engage and propagate the expedient means for rapid attainment, the exoteric and esoteric tasks to purify and prepare for the deepest realization. We must learn to purify, distill and cleanse our own vital waters, but also to partake of the ancient fonts of knowledge, to drink of the living waters of the ancestors and their adept methods for survival and liberation. Attainment without the easing of the pain of others is too bitter-sweet a taste to savor. We must follow the True Living Dharma, and take refuge in the three jewels.

If we do not take the many remedies, we are disrespectful to the physician, if we are sick but do not listen to a true doctor, we insult them and ourselves. How much more so if we ignore and merely talk or read about the prescriptions from the King of Medicines. We seek to prescribe the nine medicines for the diseases of the mind and abide in “immaculate” consciousness (amalavijñāna), but who will truly join us with deep vows, dedicated rites and practices and partake of them? Who will seek the True Wisdom Eye in the Diamond Palace? Who will seek the dawn vision of the Morning Star?

We have heard the call of so many. We have been working as healers with collective lifetimes of our guild, but the levels of torturous ills and suffering has reached peak levels. It is difficult in ordinary times, even in the presence of the Lord of Mysteries in historical times or with a true saint. How much more so it can be in these times. And yet, the crisis of the situation grows more intense, with the parasitic intrusion that threats all sentient life in this realm. We have heard this call and muster every resource and concentration of energy to meet these needs with Traditional Dharma, the alchemical Way and the ancestral worldview so critical to becoming a True Human Being (zhenren “true person”). It is with the solemn assessment, the balance of boldness and humility, we form our own lineage, with our own elders who have diverse lineage transmissions and are Adepts of their various Traditions. Our goal is to create a healing Refuge, a community for those so sick and tired of being sick and tired, passive, waiting, and suffering who are wanting to strike at the core of their physical, psychological and spiritual ills and who see the gathering storm that is a harbinger of total spiritual oblivion of the Way to this earth.

Dharma is Medicine. Buddha is the Supreme Doctor. As conditions for disease and the weaponized reality preys upon the world, the treatments and protocols and medicines must be more potent. Just as the pollutants, the pernicious blood diseases born in laboratories have been unleashed through parasitic ticks, this is the exoteric equivalent of psycho-spiritual parasites that feed upon and dissipate vital energy and fascinate the senses in a truly dark sorcery. We describe these tactics and long spiritual battles as the Occult Wars. As disciples of these Master Healers, we step into the gap and shoulder the karmic weight to attempt to alleviate suffering in these chaotic times by dispensing the remedies of what has saved so many lives and liberated so many myriad beings.

Buddha is the Supreme Physician; we have always sought simply to be healers as servants in the Dharma King’s service. Our saturation in these teachings was in seeking healing and formal study in the medicinal sciences of the Siddhas, the Buddhists, the Daoists Priests and hermits, the yogis. We have spent our collective lifetimes, made it our life work, in our guild to track down and study these traditions. We have longed strived to source the medicines, the skillful means, the empowering spiritual items for those sick, suffering and exiled from Tradition to heal, regain balance, and find the Way. Our only complete knowledge was acknowledging we were sick of mind, body and spirit, that the world is sick and that we have a little time before death. What must we do to make use of this precious incarnation?

We have written of the occult wars, the anti-Dharmic forces that are unleashed in this collapsing world age. We have seen the continued, ritual-based psycho-spiritual traumas inflicted upon the masses with increasing intensity. This is expressed in the obsession with cruelty, sadism, self-mortification, masochism and suicidal mania, victimhood, addictions, anger, resentment, blame, excuses. Again, even under ‘ordinary’ or ‘ideal’ circumstances, it is difficult to practice and maintain the Path. Under such increasing pressure, psychic warfare and controlled collapse of civilization, many are breaking down, twisting, distorting and warping under the decaying rot and pressure. On another level, the attachment, the clinging, the illusion becomes so absurd, so obviously scripted in dark cohesion of Agenda, that one can become liberated as all of the worldly comforts and contexts are shattered. One can become an Immortal or Buddha or become ensnared in virtual hells. One can become a God or demon, but the ultimatum of reality will not allow much in between, even for those who seek the Middle Way.

We have long allied with different monastic and lay movements with the remaining fragments of certain Traditions who understood their leadership or lineages are nearly co-opted or infiltrated or complicit. These include monks, lamas, lay practitioners, and specialists and wildcrafting hermits within these ancient groups that have understood the true spirit, power and transmuting power has been diluted, subverted and dissipated either intentionally or as a consequence of the modern world. Our most dedicated studies are to find this lost alchemical and healing wisdom that is seen throughout the Indo-European world, that mysteriously arose from nothing, completely intact and simultaneously across the ancient world. We have been blessed to find dynamic remnants that have healed our teachers, ourselves, our inner circle, our family, friends, clients, etc. from terminal diseases of psycho-spiritual and body.

We first formed a guild to create sustainable methods of obtaining the herbs, texts, teachings, etc. from these Traditions that are being weeded out and destroyed systematically in coordinated attacks. Then we formed a research society to create a think tank, invisible college, a resource for preserving and propagating as much of the guild teachings. Then we formed a farm and food forest garden, ancestral temple, laboratory, workshop, library, ashram deep in the forest. Finally, we create a Sangha, a true esoteric spiritual group that is the final expression of the initial projects. Our approach is of full spectrum cultivation, from the exoteric (the guild) to the philosophical (research society) conduit to the esoteric (sangha).

We invite those who have followed us to take the next steps in the coming weeks, months, years and over their lifetime to engage in this group that co-create ourselves. We invest it with the true energy, building sacred centers, mountain shrines and temples. Out of the exile, the rubble, the chaos can arise those purified from the degeneracy, the excess, and the absurdity of this modern age. The complete destruction of narrative, the shattered society and family, the assault on every norm, custom, tradition, on language, gender, biology, the full assault on reality itself becomes an initiatory forcing function. It is a grand ultimatum to those that seek the Way and will do the Work, or to those that are absorbed into the artificial, synthetic, inorganic hive mind that seeks to obliterate any notions of the Way. Science, technology, reality itself has been weaponized for truly dark agendas.

Forthcoming initiatives is the formalization of our Sangha, Mountain Forest Dharma, which will have various mediums to pour out our suggested readings, skillful and expedient means, ritual items, instructions and trainings for those that wish, exoteric projects such as wildcrafting, medicinal mushroom and herb farming, artisan Traditional crafts of the Dharma or Daoist methods of cultivation, access to private hermitages and teachers for those that invest the time and energy and gain trust in the Sangha. A devoted community based on Dharma, healing, compassion, a spiritual refuge for the teachings of the Great Doctor is our highest aspiration.

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