Sermon I

Homage to all the buddhas and bodhisattvas!

The following is a somewhat lengthy announcement of the creation of a new Sangha and series of initiatives to propagate the most dynamic and essential skillful and expedient means in these times. It is part prognosis and suggested remedies as well as part autopsy of certain aspects that have perished over time or were destroyed intentionally in many cases. It is in some cases, a distillation from sermons and wise words from our elders to prepare for our unfolding predicament, as well as to continue to articulate what to aspire for as Real People that achieve authentic mastery and adeptship. We take the transmission and teachings from our Elders and Master Teachers, our experts in diverse lineages, priests, lamas, monks and hermits and create means for these instructions to seed wisdom and practice to all that strive to find it. It is not only possible but imminent to realize one’s Buddha Nature in this lifetime. To doubt this is possible, to carry the cynical seeds of failure already before such endeavors is to work a type of sorcery against oneself. Do not bother with reading further, only to those that are assured of their innate Buddha Nature.

We have been working for decades quietly in this cult of healing, of the Primordial Buddha, of the Memory of our Original Nature to become and train true adepts: autonomous, secret, silent, obscure, anonymous, masters of the forest and mountain. From the dynamic methods and sects, we create our own lineage of eremitic adepts, with increasing levels of precepts and vows, practices to those that seek to attain to the alchemical works, or to those that want to support and abide in the dynamic and efficient lay practices. Just as we have trained around the world in all of the major systems of herbal medicine, collecting masters and experts and conduits to the traditional sources, likewise does this extend into the Dharmic and Daoist methods that fortify both health and Mind.

Like the clinics and dispensaries that ease suffering, the goal is to provide levels of the most gentle and easy methods for the ill to the most intense ascetic for the strong to purify and for Complete Attainment in this very body. We have worked with the teachers for the most dynamic means to those confined in sick beds, to wheelchairs to prisons to those robust in health and that can endure the rigorous mountain ascetic practices and decades long of initiatory projects and training. Just as our mentors in healing prepared for all of the most common ailments as well as the most serious, terminal and pernicious of diseases, so do the teachings provide the all-encompassing balm for those of different situations and circumstances.

There are many pretend groups, ossified lineages, cults, sects, so many diverse teachings it is bewildering and the path laden with traps and snares. Our essential work is healing, in skillful means to ease suffering, remove the stains that delude and obscure reality. We do not wish to add to the New Age hodge podge, the fake guru and teachers, thus all is anonymous, independent, minimalist and private. One can assess all by the fire of true experience and weigh them amongst the archives of Tradition. We make no grandiose claims other than our own sincere testimony of doing these practices and learning them from those far greater than us. We are aware of so many self-styled guru and frauds with so many legitimate titles, and fancy robes. We dispense with all this and focus on study and practice, wisdom, and action, all understood constantly that the Buddha is the King of Medicines, and that all teachings are remedies.

Just as some therapies have evolved, been refined, incorporating sympathetic systems, substitutions, etc. so must a dynamic form of Dharma continually evolve and emerge. Yet there must be a Traditionalist core that is beyond culture, customs, and partake of the heart of the matter or essence of the teachings. To this end articulate our templates for exoteric and esoteric modes of living, approaching lifestyle as Art to be inner and outer refinement, purification, and mastery. To achieve such spontaneous elegance and grace through striving, organizing, prioritizing, and training in exoteric ways of craft and the arts, in philosophical ways as the scholar and in esoteric ways with ritual and ascetic training.

Our guild has studied many groups, their strengths, and failures. We listen to decades of clients and patients, seekers, and have endured our own privations and quests for Truth. We have seen the endless debates, the hubris and smug arguments of so many that are proud, arrogant, on their interpretations or opinions and school. It can be healthy, or it can be endless academic exercise, and a type of schizophrenia develops where one must divide these worlds within as a subtle dualism, various mind diseases of each one carrying around experiences of other practitioners, teachers, groups. These become residues or stains that, discrimination sets having nothing to do with the true Dharma.

We therefore spend some provisional time to anticipate the typical responses of extremes of those entrenched in some school, feeling proud of their certifications and degrees to those that can follow no set practices and are incapable of even basic training from sitting, prostrations etc. as necessary foundation skillful means. We can never lose sight of the essential goals, the essential purpose of any practice, teaching, teacher, and balance a respect and cohesion and protocols with the actual sick and diseased patient or person.

An analogy might be found in martial arts, such as with a high-level master fighters from prestigious schools are destroyed in ‘real’ combat. Just as many martial systems are beautiful, and good for exercise, culture, some for internal cultivation, but many are useless for true combat. They are part of entrenched power structures teaching complex rehearsed movements, but they are not capable of dealing with the true hostility and spontaneous assaults in reality. Some call them ‘dry land swimming’ or groups of ‘organized despair’ and it is a suitable metaphor. Likewise, yoga is mind concentration, not simple the gymnastics many associate with it today, which were actually colonial in origin in many cases and to stop masturbation. These may be good for health, but like many of the most extreme ascetic practices that are injurious and unhealthy, they arose from the loss of the true Soma herbs and ignorance of the alchemical medicines.

Another metaphor is the countless medical experts who alleviate no suffering or effect no ability for the person to heal themselves, and they have been ‘cured’ of their specific ailments in short order by those outside of this establishment or institutional systems. They have surrendered all the traditional modes of therapy, lifestyle changes to pharmaceuticals and surgeries that never address core issues. Aside from trauma and acute conditions, largely are unable to address the chronic illness that plagues most in daily life. Their medications actually contribute to deeper side-effects and worse conditions. They have advocated external modes over most any real therapy, protocol, lifestyle changes and understanding of Mind and Body health. They are profit driven, the patient is the commodity with expensive patented drugs and exclusive therapies are hidden for the elites.

There are many ‘herbalists’ who might read a few books and simply open a store, never doing serious internship and ignorant of basic anatomy, or any Traditional system. There are those who study a healing technique for decades and master it and those who get a certificate and open a business after a weekend workshop. What is truly an expert? To continue the understanding of the herbalist: There are those that spend literally decades seeking teachers, incessant research, exploring every aspect from history to modern science evaluation, from growing and harvesting, processing, formal training, experimentation, seeking ancestral and indigenous uses, religious uses, the full-spectrum ethnobotanical and medical study of a plant, its use within other plant formula, its use in other cultures etc. They go to schools, intern, travel, write monographs, engage in clinical training, apprenticeships, learn other languages and concert to other religions just to get a piece of the knowledge or some access to medicine, herbs, techniques, equipment. So, there are different levels of expertise, and those that transcend ordinary modes of education and training, to someone penetrating every aspect of research of a topic.

To return to the plant analogy, in studying a disease or a plant, the plant’s use may overlap many cultures. It may be used for x in this culture, and y in this culture. It may be taboo in one culture, praised in another, it may have been a foreign introduction that became enshrined as indigenous, or it may be so localized its use is rare, secretive, and costly. But to study the use of this herb in formula from various cultures, to see its core effects that are noted from Tibet to Korea, Japan and China, India, into Russia or Mongolia, here one begins to truly grasp that plant’s potential beyond one culture’s specific use. Likewise, it may affect them differently, if they live in a region that is mountainous versus urban.

Such experiences are subjective, and many have derived comfort and benefit. But to ease suffering by only easing symptoms is to enable deeper sickness. We seek in our herbal treatment to find the core issues of sickness and not merely to suppress the worst outward manifestations. Such as with an addiction, it is easing suffering to give someone the fix for their withdrawal, from a syringe to a cigarette, but it does not cure the addiction. So much is just elaborate modes of psychic anesthesia, a numbing method of coping and not a true, dynamic visionary realization. This is to forge a new type of Adept, a master of skillful means from healing, to martial arts, artisan ways, and the numinous arts of the Dharma all as means of exoteric and esoteric cultivation of health, strength and power. It is the complete aggregation of thought, word and action, of the unified practices that manifest the maximum means of success.

Again, we advocate a middle way approach to all extremes from nihilism to eternalism, from uncritical acceptance to credulous dogma, of monastic and laymen, of taking a Master to trusting Guru of one’s own essential Nature. There are Traditional and anti-Traditional expressions of syncretism and dilution of teachings. For instance, the transmissions always took on many aspects of their dominant culture by the Masters. They clearly understood that they must consider customs, ancestry, worldview, politics, economics, etc. in presenting teachings from the most profound to the most pragmatic. This is known as time, place and persons, and they must be factored into teachings, just as many of the diseases today did not exist yesterday and the main concerns of the past are no longer such issues (examples the bioweapons of lyme disease, pollution that causes cancer and damages DNA to leprosy and the plague although they do linger). To pacify the deep crisis of being within the population, the state, often fell upon the shoulders of the Great Teachers.

Thus, the teachers created libraries, schools, farms, and other civil works to create communities to mutually support each other. These are the templates of our groups in creating farms and herbalist/wildcrafter guilds and research centers, libraries. Many great laymen and women have begun dynamic movements that distilled the Tradition with their local ancestral customs, blending Gods and Buddhas. Yet so much mischief has been done by the counter-culture cults and new age movements that any such things are rightfully met with severe skepticism. We apply this to all systems and teachings and teachers. It is when one studies all the systems as a whole that one can understand what is at the core, just as one must do to truly understand languages, health, and the great unified Wisdom Tradition of the past. People looking for pureness need to study the complex relationships of the core of these traditions, which is alchemy. There you can see where the ingredients were abundant and where they had no mercury, and it had to be imported, or this incense, or herb. This is our lifelong quest, and we have organized groups of research, translation, archiving, procuring of ingredients and primary sources, teachers, etc. (The deep history of Buddhism is beyond what is usually considered, one might study the Greco-Buddhist history, and contemplate Mauryan Emperor Ashoka translating the word “Dharma” into Greek and Aramaic, he used the Greek word Eusebeia (εὐσέβεια, piety, spiritual maturity, or godliness) in the Kandahar Bilingual Rock Inscription and the Kandahar Greek Edicts, and the Aramaic word Qsyt (“Truth”) in the Kandahar Bilingual Rock Inscription.)

But like certain notable saints that transcend layman and monk, householder, and ascetic, we create a syncretic, heuristic, and firmly Traditionalist lineage and supportive Sangha to assist the sincere disciples that take refuge. It is syncretic because it, like ideal lineages of the past, has sought the most refined practices, expedient means, and balanced approach to ancestral and karmic considerations. It is heuristic because it requires solitary practices, private modes of self-initiation through alchemical Work but it is Traditionalist because it is not invented but of living oral practices communicated from teacher to student. Just as one must understand what is health and sickness and understand the factors of ancestry, lifestyle, external environment, diet, emotions, etc. in the role of physical and mental health, so do these factor in the deeper understanding of one’s condition and what it takes to realize its true remedy.

There is no indulgence in victimhood, but a severe personal accountability for one’s past, present and future actions. There is not the coddling of insanity or the validation of diseased mindsets and worldviews, clinging attachments to vain, superficial externals that one clings to for meaning. Partaking of the insanity, and the absurdity of this modernism is the equivalent to junk food. A certain amount can be tolerated by the system, but a steady diet of it will inflict countless diseases on every organ and even on the DNA level to the next generations. This is how pernicious and dangerous the weaponized nature of media and the meta-narrative of the elites. We must shatter these overlays of artificial realities that deepen the delusions inherent in the natural, organic human condition. An analogy would be that one has to contend with life, disease, old age, scarcity, weather and all the historical external factors of life that impinge on one’s plans, but also with a relentless, nearly omnipresent enemy that is the essence of the anti-Dharma in its assault on humanity and nature. There is the deep penetration to the karmic aggregations of one’s birth, health and what measures and protocols best pacify and remove obstacles. The path leaves its own signs of attainment, the exoteric and esoteric goals of self are one’s true measure.

We insist on creating True Masters that refined scholar monk warrior craftsman, survivalists farmers that are autonomous, strong, skilled and able to sustain and protect others. They must hone their mind, speech and actions to ease their own suffering and be in a position of empowered wisdom and knowledge to render true assistance to others suffering. They must have the proficiency of the artisan and the education of the literati, trained in the ancient Classics of the Original People, the ancestors as well as every mushroom, tree and herb in the forest. They must have the highest esoteric transmissions and the skills to disappear into the mountains. It is a long process, of balancing striving and abiding, and the discipline of incremental goals, skills, tools to be acquired over different phases of life.

Our goal is simply to be and assist those in becoming the type of Master Teacher and disciple that we would wish to follow or have learn from us. To be the type of human beings that we would aspire to be, of the highest potential, refinement, manners, skills, strength, moral character, education, and abundant and secure to not have the need for desperate parasitic behaviors, exploiting and manipulation. In this alchemical process of refinement, the True Original Nature of self is revealed.

We encourage private, secretive practices, to dispense with any display to those outside of the Sangha of their Work and practices. Other than minimal glimpses in an anonymous way to inspire, plant seeds of aspiration or in some teaching, they should take every measure to be unknown and concealed at all times. This has many strategic methods to protect from all projects, ego, pride, attention, followers, unwanted intrusions both from masters and disciples. We implement the Korean zen practices of a remote Mountain Master, who can correspond with disciples, those that want to visit have to do the arduous treks and tasks, and finally the three thousand prostrations to the central shrine Buddha in one night. These are the personal standards we set, and a glimpse into the higher practices that open the spine, and purify the diseases of the body and mind.

Just as with our other projects, we seek to preserve certain key practices, techniques, medicines, herbs, and heirloom objects. Thus, as both income stream and propagation we will be offering special medicines, different relics from associated traditions, seeds for certain foods or herbs that used in the fasting, access to private monographs, holy substances, ritual items etc. We earn our robes, bowls, our higher instructions, our precious relics and gifts, we trek through the forest and earn our place in the mountain. The Vedic and Tantric texts affirm that truly prepared alchemical and precious objects can remove all sins, obstacles, impart all blessings and empowerments and take the place of the living Guru if made by a True Master, and empowered for the person. Such methods are a skillful means to destroy karmic strains, impediments and scatter the dark forces that conspire to sway, distract, frighten, and give rise to apathy and other mind poisons towards their seeking true Enlightenment.

These are the ways of the true masters, the true elders, our teachers who exemplify these examples and who guide us to this. Those that feel they cannot do these higher practices are invited to join and do the supportive work and foundational practices that also provide the dynamic healing and realizations that can shatter the delusions that bind one to sorrow and grasping. Such alchemical refinement of the exoteric and esoteric, from basic manners and speech, to the highest practices of transmutation all are for realizing the “true, original, undamaged character “of our essential Buddha Nature in this very lifetime.

The waves of New Age Buddhism, ‘beat’ zen, the glossy corporate and Hollywood magazine catalogs of exquisite Tibetan or Japanese items, and exclusive Dharma spas, these are not the medicines that personally ease the suffering and condition of anyone we have dealt with in healing practices for decades. Yet we see them as processes, as even the best and worst had seeding of genuine pursuit of the Dharma. Each having a purpose in time, just as we must also engage in this process from the vantage points of the exoteric and esoteric summits of the mountain.

It is such a blend of suffering and blessings, and even the agonies provoke realization, insights on the ultimate nature of life, what we can do with this incarnation, what is priority, essential and worth pursuing. This is the time of mappo, the end of dharma. Now they destroy all the Four Olds, all family, religion, economy, nature, so that there is nothing of the Way to remember, and only the authority of the state is allowed. It will be a dystopia of forced medications for any false beliefs, the full unleashed dreams of as the CCP have done to Tibetans and every other ethnic minority and spiritual groups like Falun Gong.

Where is the solidarity amongst all these groups in the West? They rather bend the knee and sacrifice to the false narratives of those that will not accept personal responsibility for their actions while ignoring real slavery, genocide, and suffering. Soon it will be everywhere, the war of all against all. We were warned to prepare after certain Bhutanese empowerments, who in private warned of extreme events forthcoming. We have planned accordingly to begin to disseminate the most dynamic means of practice and support for those that must face these tumultuous times.

If your readings, your teachers, lineages, etc. are sufficient for you and your urgency and understanding of the precious incarnation and need for immediate training and practice, then we sincerely wish you the best. We think there is an aspect of this incarnation that reaches one’s highest refinement, potential and self-mastery and we define this in a way consistent with the ancients that is severely lacking in most of the modern ‘teachers.’ It is part of a larger agenda and aspect of Buddhism and yoga, to sanitize the most esoteric aspects, of magic, visionary herbs (things deemed irrational or primitive) but that are not mere local customs that seeped into logical Buddhism, but that such rituals and magical acts are essential skillful means. Few are those that have this depth of knowledge from the foundation to the high esoteric techniques for rapid progress. Of course, we have met remarkable exceptions and have made them our teachers, their lives and works the template for these projects and initiatives.

In the past, the old admonishments, warnings, secrecy and requirements for fear of turning many to demons from wrong understanding are largely irrelevant as so much inferior, pernicious and anti-Dharma occult systems have metastasized. Those who uncritically partake in the mass culture have been indoctrinated into a worldview worse than even the demons and hungry ghosts. Those who dared to resist in the past were executed or sent to reeducation camps. Now the new reality being “builded back better” with technology, bioweapons is itself a reeducation camp that has now closed down businesses, schools, churches, temples, and issued a digital gulag causing short term and yet unforeseen degree of damage, as this is just the beginning of as we’ve said a new Dark Age.

It is interesting for instance to see the ‘temples’ and institutions suddenly signal for the corporate and social media causes while they have remained silent on every other degenerate, anti-Dharma and assault on the people in the past. So many fled other lands from oppression to come here, only to be silent or actually give sermons supporting the suicide of basic rights, a nation, and Traditions for shallow, weaponized inversions of compassion and empathy. They have closed their doors and closed their services without even a whimper, yet they have seen these same tactics used to destroy their traditions in their homeland.

So it is always that the most ostentatious, the fancy robes, titles, etc. are the most corrupt, complacent and complicit, creating a spiritual daze and abstraction that allows for true insidious ideas to propagate. The Masters of the past, even in mountain strongholds and caves, organized great acts of engagement that met the crisis of the times, from building temples to alchemical revolts and rebellion from Yellow Turban Daoists to the warrior-monks of Japan, Tibet and Korea.

It is good they have revealed themselves as mere collaborators to the same fist that grips every aspect of culture from media, politics, finance, technology, medicine, religion, military, and every aspect of popular culture that have all aligned in perfect cohesion towards their Agenda. Those who see this, they do not need to hear another word, those that do not will never be convinced until it is too late. [va1] We must make a Middle Way between defense and Refuge, of healing, reconciled with ascetic, martial training, methods of producing food, studying war and strategy integrated with creating medicines. We reconcile fasting, feasting, abstaining, indulging, advancing and withdrawing in forging a new Adept capable of enduring through the chaos.

The elites have taken the model of the very forces that have sought to enslave humanity, purge all spiritual traditions as was seen in the genocide against Tibet, the destruction of the Daoists, and any other cult or religion other than the State. The Sages of old could see the winds blowing and withdraw to hermitages in such times, but increasingly there is no place to hide. The water and air are polluted, the situations becoming more dire, extreme. We must ban together to create the best possible outcomes in the exoteric and esoteric considerations. We must share the skillful and expedient means, the resources, techniques and methods of success in overcoming obstacles, attaining abundance, in gaining the energy and momentum to steer through the dangerous rapids and swift currents of hostile change.

They have alienated themselves from the essence, turning their backs on their founder’s core practices, initiatives, projects and abstracted the teachings into more and more elaborate forms to control their access, to remove them from the people except in carefully portioned and controlled allotments. Some lineages even sought to destroy all the others, and this is why for a time intelligence agency pushed Tibetan Buddhism, because there is so much beauty and goodness within it but such systems can easily be corrupted, authoritarian templates for coerced collectivism, and creating a passive, docile population concerned with everything but their own best interests. (Some might figure these issues out when seeing the naming of the next Dalai Lama is included in recent relief bills.) Of course, they have largely abandoned this model for the social crediting and hard tyranny of the CCP, as we have seen in the mass censorship of any that oppose or question the projected narratives.

We must awaken to our own faults, contributions to our own problems, sickness, complicit, vampiric modes of living. Decades of distraction, luxury, and vanity have delivered us to the wolves. We must stop blaming others and clean up our lives, our inner and outer world, our diseased bodies, minds, words, actions. We must purify from the corpse demons, the psycho-spiritual mental viruses that erode sanity, clarity and true compassion. We must have the ruthless compassion with ourselves, to sacrifice all the lower qualities that inhibit our rapid progress. We must habituate healing protocols and cultivate the qualities that are the true striving upward of human potential in the integrated exoteric and esoteric modes of Being. We must repent through dynamic action and training, through heroic deeds and rites.

It is through dynamic, esoteric practice that one dissolves the barriers of sickness and health, suffering and bliss, mundane and numinous and these are reconciled into the abiding harmony and clarity of Original Being. It is through the internal and external sacrifices, the expedient means to burn away karmic traces, toxic residues that obscure reality, to embrace the ascetics suffering for the sake of all sentient life. So many reading this will felt the indescribable tortures of life, of confinement, exile, betrayals, all while retaining to a higher ideal. The aggregations of psychological and spiritual tortures, sickness produces pain so exquisite it makes one either a Buddha or demon. To those especially, elite in suffering, pain, sensitive, and suffering, they must become the healers and adepts themselves.

Seeking the purest forms of Dharma, we have masters and teachers in the great lineages. Such it was in the ancestral times, where students visited different masters, like bees gathering nectar from many flowers. We draw on, of course, the earliest teachings, Tibetan and Chinese sources, but primarily Japanese and Korean teachers for most of our practical methods and skillful means from martial arts, tea, pottery, herbalism, meditation, internal alchemy, fasting, cooking, lay-monastic systems. This is for several reasons, as especially Korea has an insulated tradition that we feel is most accessible, and there is so much similarity between these traditions of mountain ascetic Buddhism and Daoist training. As such, we also are pleased to welcome a joint venture of disciples and teachers from Japan and Korea who will be presenting the most profound spiritual items and medicinal herbs from Buddhist practitioners in Korea and Japan.

Wherein the past, the masters were bold, experimental, syncretic, expansive, they have become stratified, fragmented, almost fetishist of the trappings and externals rather than the true purpose of such practices, lineages and teachings. They have lost the soma plant and the powers of the elixirs, so they cherish the beauty of the vase or cup, not the contents. The alchemical elixirs, the soma/amrita herbs, nectars and substances are the true empowerments that, like all the highest teachings, can make one an immortal or demon. These techniques must be grounded in personal and ancestral honor, in the Dharma, and in the balance of the Way. It is of seeking the Deepest Clarity and the personal refinement, of exoteric and esoteric liberation, freedom. We take the decades of training, of studying and practice to work towards easing suffering and seek to provide potent relief and therapy. We do all within the vows and precepts of the Dharma and work to research, create, and dispense Medicine.

As with all our groups, they are discrete, anonymous, private and elite. We do not want the curious dabblers, those that are incapable of any progress in their life. It is a path of rapid progress towards our particular definition of Sage or Adept. We do recognize that some have the heart and mind but for some reasons are unable to do the deeper practices. They are welcome to form the lay community of our elite adepts, the hermits engaged in the highest levels of seclusion. As stated, there are powerful methods of cultivation for any circumstances even into the last breaths of death or on behalf of those departed. For those with time, resources and ability to waste them is the supreme and unforgivable sin. The cooperation between merchants, kings, the peasants and scholars saw the golden age of Buddhism flourish. We seek such patrons, and we reciprocate such acts with gifts, medicines, and they are themselves great gestures to generate Merit in a dynamic Dharmic missionary.

Our inner circle has studied and had the empowerments, the transmissions, the solitary work. They have built their own remote hermitages, secluded from the world. Our mission was simply to preserve the techniques, the herbs, to create a feedback loop of supporting their private cultivation, their gardens, small farms, wildcrafting on mountains, and to provide the highest grade herbs to our clients. We formed this group from terminal illness, spiritual poisons, suffering, and vows to the Great Bodhisattvas. But as a new level of strife and pain has descended, the suffering and depression increased in overt tyranny, biomedical attacks, lockdowns and more, we must engage in new ways to disseminate the counteraction to so much of this dark sorcery, the remedy to so much poison.

Like the wrathful Dharma protectors, we must become warrior-monks, scholar adepts propagating the most efficient and powerful methods of creating exoteric abundance and esoteric force to heal and endure the incessant onslaught to demoralize and instill the most toxic narratives. They want so many to cave in, give up, or lash out and be made an example of, but we must become so purified, honorable, and noble hearted that to transgress our Being is itself a sin. As the world becomes demonic in its coldness, its lack of compassion and empathy, we must become saints in presencing the qualities that the anti-Tradition targets directly. There demonic mission is to harden hearts, poison minds, to withdraw into a selfishness and baseness worse than beasts so that we become entrapped and create our own karmic hells and prisons. Our Buddhahood is imminent, the Pure Land is imminent, in this very Body, in this very lifetime, in this very space.

So many seek the extreme and radical in such baseness. It is the true rebellion to be decent, compassionate, kind and empathetic in a world that grows cold and full of hate. It is strong to be a healer, to be a warrior to protect the innocent rather than to spread ugly, degenerate and warped diseases of thought and action. We have seen the infinite potential of the True Human spirit, from spontaneous remission and healing, to feats of strength in dire and heroic circumstances. We have seen the unleashed primordial energies scatter the pernicious, demonic dark vapors, of masters imbibing the numinous sprouts, revealed rainbow body Dharma masters.

The true Adepts were pushed by the most pain, suffering and intense circumstances to the highest stations. We are reaching such a collective separation, a long alchemical process that will divide those awakened and those slumbered. The time for focused, disciplined practice is now. Through ascetic striving and use of expedient means, nourishing the subtle body, and purifying mind, body and spirit, we spontaneously prefect the Three Mysteries of Thought, Word and Action (the three Vajras. We cannot be the only ones that notice these are precisely found in the core of Celtic/Hyperborean and Norse worldview, for instance see studies Thought, Word and Deed: An Irish Triad. This is a central aspect of understanding one’s karmic embodiment, their ancestry, where they were born, and to negate the identity crisis of modernism, just as the Holy Grail is the Soma cup or drona of the Vedas and esoteric Buddhist Amrita).

We must become faster than time, magnetic, and armed with the diamond mind. We light the auric lamp of the secret fire, a beacon on the path and warming those that take refuge. There are core practices that we include not from choice but of pragmatic necessity. Just as one has some weapons or first aid trauma equipment one hopes to never have to use, so are there such medicines, techniques, etc. But we must train in these and understand the obstacles, the true levels of disease and be wary of superficial realizations that fade away, like symptoms that go into remission only to return.

There are practices in the Daoist traditions, included in certain Buddhist sects as well, of types of corpse-demons, psycho-spiritual parasites, and we have seen these visibly expelled as entity like dark vapors at the hands of true healing masters. The eradication of such pernicious mind-viruses, subtle parasitic, demonic entities must be eradicated for the original energy to be restored. These are central practice for our higher training. The constitute the type of depression and possession that subverts so much intention into wasted energy or even worse. They are mirrored in the parasites of the biological world, as each spiritual or subtle aspect has a correspondences in the physical realm.

Within this structure is an articulation of our definition of a True Adept and Master as well as the template for liberation from both the beast system and achieving the Great Work that is the purpose of human incarnation. The exoteric and esoteric sustain and complement each other, creating a healthy, practical worldview rooted in the deepest human modes of living as well as the most profound spiritual Traditions. These include the methods of “nourishing life” (yangsheng) to the most pragmatic concerns creating gardens, farms, hermitages, and mountain retreats.

There are profound ways to facilitate the deepest insights, and these include methods of living, organizing life and worldview. These extend, to us, into decoupling from a karmically vampiric system by creating sustainable, autonomous communities based on the original ancestral Dharma. They are not utopian or naïve in realities of the world, they are work based, income and merit stream generating farms and hermitages we have spent our collective energies into building and sharing the templates, models and methods. All of our projects, seemingly diverse, are aspects of the same creation of skilled, healthy, adepts able to solve many problems, alleviate suffering. Our elders are thus true hermits, true ascetics that have withdrawn from the world. They are indifferent to all but some fine herbs, some tea, and the beauty of nature. They are radical in their autonomy, insisting on selling their medicines rather than begging.

All those that read the above have a karmic relationships with us and these teachings. Consider joining us and support with any donations, either in funds, time, supplies, assistance, expertise in our projects. These include to support our hermit elders and to import power items, alchemical ingredients for the mercury and for printing, creating shrines and mountain hermitages, farms and gardens. We are autonomous but also operate on revenue streams. Any donations are reciprocated with artisan handcrafted Dharmic medicines, power items, relics and gifts as all funds are reinvested in supporting those that create and make such items for us as blessings. For a custom gift of talismans, our special nectar medicines from the Shugendo and Shingon Yamabushi herbalists of the most medicinal mushrooms for healing and meditation, exquisite amulets from Japan, Korea, Tibet, and other special items.

Please check back often as we instigate a new guild member True Word Apothecary, a joint venture from Dharma Masters and herbalists from Korea and Japan who are providing so of the most sublime medicines, fungi, seaweeds, and spiritual items, and a series of writings of our most cherished skillful methods, research, Sutras for those that want to join our mission. Those with special dedication, offerings, skills, can join various levels of our guilds (for exoteric practical training, strategic permaculture, revenue generating, acquiring farmland, wildcrafting), and research society (philosophical, alchemical and ancestral studies), to the Sangha (the esoteric outer circle of Dharma and healing work).

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