Sermon VIII

Hail to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas!

“Who or What do you Trust?”

One of the reasons why we started a Dharma is to build something from the ruins of infiltrated and compromised institutions. Through fear, blackmail, through funding, sanctions, through pressure, extortion, to violence and assassinations all has been corrupted, all has been taken over. We witness the same psychic driving, the trauma-based creation of psychosis such as having school children hide under desks for a nuclear attack. Of course, the desk will not protect anyone, it is a fear and trauma theater, a ritual of humiliation and to manufacture Stockholm syndrome. Such as masks, they hide and conceal, they are ritual symbols of the deeper mask that everyone must wear to fake their way through the absurdity.

Why should you trust billionaires and investment firms to manage global health? Why would we trust them and their foundations that run ‘war games’ of the precise scenario? Why should you trust those who devote their time and efforts to work with dark organizations of eugenics and DNA engineering biotech? Why should you trust companies that have faced record-breaking penalty fines for health fraud, or poisoned products, for your well-being? Do you trust the media funded by the same such individuals and organizations? Or the celebrities and the degenerates that push absolute toxic propaganda and psychic warfare as ‘art and entertainment’?

What level of absurdity, of insanity, of blatant lies can you tolerate before being forced to awaken or embrace oblivion, compliance, and surrender? How did we get to this level of infiltration, where there are no ‘white hats,’ no cavalry, no good guys that stand in the gap and defend basic human rights? It is from generations of indoctrination, demoralization, a silent war of attrition to break every norm, every template, every Tradition until man can no longer trust history, science, his own senses, or those around him. It is the blind leading the blind into the darkest abyss. It begins with the seed of compromise of integrity to self. A person is weak, they forget to Remember, they are heedless, lazy, the only habits that form are usually for the worse.

Trust is consistent behavior observed over time. But a degenerate can also be trustworthy, in that they can be trusted to be what they are: a failure, a person who creates nothing and does nothing, the opposite of a generative or productive, functional individual. Most can trust themselves to do even the most basic things that are for their own good. They will fail to take even the slightest precautions that would aid their health, their spiritual progress, their wealth or abundance. If it was as simple as lighting a candle for 100 days, and they were provided with 100 candles, means of fire, alarm clock, and every other protection in place to do this simple action, such as the only excuse would be their own careless apathy and laziness, even if their life depended on it, they would fail.

It is such obstinate behavior of the majority that aided in the Occult Wars wherein some factions begin to hate the masses, and see them as cattle. They are the unwashed and profane, the botched and bungled who are worse than beasts really. The other side has to face this reality as well, and seek to seed in initiatory lore, Tradition, to try and reach some that have potential to transcend their ordinary mindset and consciousness.

This is why we begin a Sangha. Wherein most of the Buddhist groups are infiltrated globalist agendas, hand and hand with CIA or the CCP, transhumanism agendas, we are anonymous, independent and autonomous to a radical extreme. We dispense skillful means that can be judged with Tradition, and we only seek the support in propagation and dissemination. There are no titles, no agendas, nothing that replaces the heuristic self-attainment balanced with elder Guidance. Our Great Work is to appreciate the definition of true mastery as articulated by our teachers, and to work and strive to attain and presence as many of the ideals as we can in our precarious, fleeting life.

We offer medicines and therapy to the sick and weak, and elite training to the heroic and vital spiritual warriors. The latter must engage in specific tasks over their lifetime which we outline and can also assist to customize or adapt them to a person’s circumstances of karma, fate and this world age. As true hermits, our teachers are liberated. They seek nothing, they are beyond corruption or bribery, they cannot be seduced. Their pleasure is ascetic, solitary abiding in remote mountains, their ecstatic joy a bowl of tea and game of chess with a disciple in the forest. They have their Tiger’s Nests from a lifetime of struggle and work, they have carved out the rocks and have the skills, tools and resources to endure. They want nothing from us but us to taste the joy and liberation that is so sweet, but that is bitter if not shared.

We have found teachers to trust, in skillful means to trust, because they taught us the behaviors to trust ourselves. We know our potential and limits, we know that we are capable of extraordinary discipline, endurance and suffering. We can, like Lord Shiva, swallow and hold the poison of this world age, and stand with a noble spirit as those darken their essence with the poisons of this modern red dust. We have secret joy, the deep optimism of tasting a true knowledge and wisdom, of the freedom from clinging, bondage and the fetters of the worst of our old self. There are no obstacles or excuses that can keep us from our Work, unless they are the final ones of the Gods or fate, that snuff the breath of life from our bodies. Even then, our consciousness persists through the Abyss, the Diamond mind endures all the entropic forces that assault and seek to dissipate the actualized, achieved individual. This is the realization of the life time of practice, of Mindfulness through the phases of work, ordeals, the tests, through sleep, dreams, the visionary rites, the terrifying or erotic initiations. It is all to prepare to Remember to Remember, to return to the Supreme Insight that is the Secret Fire, the penetrating Wisdom that pierces illusion, to the true self Knowledge that is enshrined within as Mind and Memory.