Shilajit the Destroyer of Weakness

Ladakh Shilajit (28g tin)
Ladakh Shilajit Gold (28g tin)
Deep Mountain Elite Shilajit Extract (28g tin)
Dragon Genie Hermit’s Mineral Exudate (2oz.)

Shilajit, Sanskrit in Rasa Shastra/Ayurveda/Rasayana Shilajit, Adrija, Asmaja, Giriniryasa, Suryathapi, Sila Sveda, shilajatu
Shilajit means “Destroyer of Weakness”. Brogshaun, which means, “Mountain Oil”

Tibb medicine Shilahit, Hajrul Musa, Momiai Faqrul Yahud, Arakul dzibal, or, “Mountain Sweat”, Momia

We are often asked about the quality of our shilajit, its source, and the alchemical processing used in purifying it for more maximum effect, preservation of active components and the Rasa Shastra procedure that makes our shilajit the most bioavailable. Our shilajit is loha shilajit, which is the most medicinally therapeutic as iron shilajit, and swarna shilajit, which is said to be the most spiritual as gold shilajit. Our shilajit is harvested from the pristine Ladakh region, a range in the northwestern Himalayas between India and Tibet. It is purified traditionally in a dola yantra (pictured below) where it is subjected to the following process by an ancient family of Siddha doctors.

We too have been ill and weakened by sickness, stress, modern procedures and medicine, toxins and pollutions, we have sought the world for cures and the only source that we know is pure and traditionally, ethically, sustainably prepared by practitioners who are many generations deep in their tradition. And while we make no medical claims, after searching and trying (without exaggeration) hundreds of sources and types of shilajit, this is our absolute favorite and our friends and family and customers agree. So they have told us they felt that shilajit they had tried previously was inert and that they felt nothing. This shilajit is a potent therapeutic tonic supplement that is also an aphrodisiac for men and women. But we think that this reaction is really down to an improvement in health. If you are feeling healthy, balanced it is easier to be in a happy, carefree mood and therefore to feel amorous. It is not a typical aphrodisiac which seems to want to target the genital region (some are effective, others are really not) to increasing circulation, both which are good strategies for achieving sexual arousal, but in the short term. For a long term aphrodisiac effect, shilajit as a supplement balances the body, and increases the circulation and seems to give a spiritual and emotional balance to many that allows for suppressed, stressed or damaged sexual energy to return to its original state. Our shilajit is used for treatment of sexual dysfunction, loss of energy, longevity tonic, weight loss, detoxification, cell repair, a neuroprotective, as a rasayana (alchemical tonic) for the kidneys, for kidney stones, high blood sugar, asthma, nausea, coughs. Taken with milk and ghee and black long pepper for 7 days or per 72 day traditional cycle, see our shilajit article for more.

1) The raw, rock, rough shilajit is pounded in mortar and pestle and then wrapped in a coarse weaved cloth which is the pottali bag. This is immersed in hot water for 1/1/2 hours on medium heat in the dola yantra pot. The resulting liquid is then put in a large pot and boiled and simmered, a pottali (1) is suspended into the decoction and heated.

2) The mixture melts the bitumen into the water leaving the rocks and coarse impurities (sand/rock/grit) into the cloth.

3) The mixture is reduced in a low heated shallow pan to remove the remaining water, yielding a thick, black tar. The last part of this process is usually done in sunlight

4) A triphala blend is infused into of fresh, filtered and reduced to about 1 liter of water. Triphala is the acidic catalyst for the purification method.

5) A small amount of medicinal ghee is put into a large frying pan and the triphala decoction is added, and to this about 500grams of shilajit, redissolving the shilajit into the triphala infusion.

6) After it has absorbed the triphala, the shilajit is cooled.

7) The shilajit is then filtered in a fine cotton cloths in succession, straining the extraneous material from the resin.

8) When the filtration is finished, the shilajit is then pour into a flat-bottomed pan and put in sunlight for several days to evaporate the water, until a crust forms on the surface which is collected on plates lightly coated with ghee to prevent sticking.

9) These sun dried pieces are then broken into smaller pieces, exposing more surface area and then place back into the sun until brittle.

10) The brittle shilajit is then placed in a stone mortar and powdered.

11) This entire process is repeated again, on a lower heat and much slower, removing a second layer of extraneous material from the pure shilajit resin, and then again once more until the third time, stopping the process before it gets brittle and remains in the tar lick consistency, because this keeps the resin from becoming desiccated for storage and it is in its most purified, bioavailable form.

Ladakh Shilajit (28g tin)
Ladakh Shilajit Gold (28g tin)
Deep Mountain Elite Shilajit Extract
Dragon Genie Hermit’s Mineral Exudate (2oz.)