Many are on the go, and the tinctures, powders, etc. are inconvenient for maintenance and microdosing the adaptogenic and mycomedicinal herbs that are crucial to energy levels, blocking inflammation and the deep nutrient nourishment of the spagyric minerals. For those requesting a compact form to take these in any situation, we have formulated some of the diverse source of guild mushrooms for this tonic power house. This is comprised of either organic or log harvested, or wild mountain fungi that are proven tonic and elixir herbs from the ancestral times to modern studies. These are cherished products with the medicinal mushroom essences extracted in traditional Daoist manner, who were the true ancient masters of medicinal mycology. These are triple extracted, for the full spectrum using cold, hot water, spirits and gently dehydrated with at body temperature for maintaining the pure essences. This is done in the most gentle way and preserver the microcosmic associations of plants kept at this temperature. These are powdered, the resulting mass is mineralized with gentle calcinations, extracted and filtered for the full mineral essence of the fungi. Even the capsules are made of mushroom and sea algae. Artisan small batch mycomedicinals! Sacred, medicinal mushroom full spectrum extracts for a dollar a day!