Acorus calamus root pieces (1oz.)

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Calamus root pieces
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From A Hermit’s Pharmacopoeia: Or Primary Botanical, Animal and Mineral Sources for Survival and Bigu to Battle Corpse-Worm Infestation & Chu Pathogens,

Acorus calamus, changpu, sweet flag. Changpu is mentioned in many Immortal hagiographies, and cited in the scholarly literate as an entheogenic Daoist herb. It is also a food substitute thought to curtail aging. One example is of a pig herder who ate only calamus and atractylis. Or “Han Zhong took sweet flag for thirteen years and his body developed hairs. He intoned ten thousand words of text each day. He felt no cold in winter, though his gown was open.” A special variety with nine joints per inch was especially esteemed as mentioned in Ge Hong “to be effective sweet flag must have grown an inch above the surrounding stones and have nine or more nodules. That with purple flowers are the best.” There is a related smaller species Acorus gramineus Soland. (p’u), mentioned in the Shih Ching or Book of Songs. It is a mainstay of elixirs and even suggested to enable invisibility. A regular ingredient in Tibetan incenses as well.


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