Ancient Tree Precious Wild Supreme Grade Peach Resin Tao Jiao
100g $9

Like all things, there are many grades of resin. Ours is a very pure resin and the best medicinal grade we use for delicious herbal tea soup beverages. We like to mix in goji berry, dates, longan or raisins and other dried fruit after soaking the resin for a few hours. Inferior resins need very long soak times to remove impurities. Ours can be used in hot water directly or minimum soaking for a few hours. It is a pure, Natural resin secreted from the peach tree, formed in amber like crystals on the tree. Peach resin origin from China and used as one of medicinal ingredients;
The composition of peach resin is collagen, galactose, rhamnose, amino acids, etc. It contains rich collagen, which improve the smoothness of skin.
Peach resin helps to promote bowel movement; improves skin elasticity, nourishes and adds moisture to the skin; and is good for stomach. Tao jiao (peach jelly) is also called tao hua lei (the tears of the peach blossom), since it is made of resin from the tree. Peach jelly is a “neutral” herb that travels through large intestine and bladder meridians. It is often prescribed for relieving problems like urinary stones, painful bloody urination and dysentery.

Take 20 grams peach resin and soak 5 hours up to overnight, and wash thoroughly (5 grams for 1 teacup of tea); The size will increase 8-10 times after soaking. Stew it in water for 15 minutes. Add other ingredients like sugar, milk, honey, Chinese date, Longan fruit, Goji berry if needed.
(Peach resin soup only takes around 30 minutes and varies depend on ingredients)
Moisturize dryness——boil with pear, papaya, snow fungus, almond and bird nest;
Nourishing blood——boil with red dates, goji berries and longan meat;
Benefit stomach——boil with yam and lily bulbs.