Emotional issues become recorded in cellular and muscle memory, the channels and body and become a “character armor” that is worn to protect oneself from more pain. This becomes a heavy burden, distorting reality and health. It is a wayward energy that subverts from within, like an enemy that has infiltrated the inner-sanctum. This is the nagging voice, the Whisperer of anxiety, subverting paranoia and neurosis, a filter that sees only the negative and lashes the inner-self with incessant whips of words and calculating insights of self-inflicted pain. People turn to drinking, drugs, risky behaviors, withdrawal into themselves and hide from this, with these attempts to self-medicate only exacerbating the problem. The Siddhas devised herbal combinations to disrupt this cognitive and energetic pattern with specific herbal and mineral combinations that communicate a healthy spectrum of energy to the cells, causing them to detoxify and correct their electronic charge. These herbs act upon the liver, purging the accumulated toxins that coarse through the body when there is chronic mental unrest from anxiety to depression as these acidify, intoxicate and thickens the blood. This in turn makes the organs work harder, food is not digested properly, lifestyle care drops all of which is registered by the nervous system as even more physiological stress. This is the definition of a feed back loop, and there are enlightened, Siddha methods to break this cycle.

This is an ancient Siddha herbal formula of special herbs combining into a synergistic effect to sooth the mind of anxiety, depression, and the effects of stress. This is used to soothe emotional instability, sleeplessness & restlessness, memory failure & disturbances. This is a very popular herbal formula in India as it is completely non-toxic and free from side effects such as gastric upsets, sexual weakness, drowsiness. It also has liver corrective properties & improves appetite and general health of the patient. Helps concentration & alertness and does not cause drowsiness and is non-habit forming and suitable for prolonged use. Reduces emotional stress on the autonomic nervous system. Reduces emotional tension and gives sense of well-being. Used to help also with memory disturbances, impotency, sexual neurosis. Does not suppress critical activity & induces natural sleep. One can take this and have a deep sleep and remain fresh & alert up waking.

Best taken for at least 1 month best for 2 months. This includes 1 month supply, in tablet form.
NOTE: Do not take if on hypertension medication*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.