Artisan Activated High Mountain Bamboo Charcoal

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The ancient master’s pursuit of fine tea was rivaled only by their pursuit of the purest, most lively qi-filled water. The masters could tell which part of the river, which spring or well, what depths, etc. in determining water quality, as they could with tea. It is much the same way the fine wine drinkers can taste the soil and tell the region. The finest teas are wasted on hard, stagnant dead water, such as even the best spring or filtered water becomes. As alchemists we study the properties of water, of springs, of monoatomic elements and minerals, surface tension, properties under vortices and the research from Tea adepts like Lu Yu, Rikyu, to Viktor Schauberger and Gerald H. Pollack and countless others on the mystery of water. We use shungite in our tinctures to break the surface tension during phases of extraction in water, tests clearly show the diffusion of the extraction in the treated water. The activated charcoal bamboo is the same mineral-rich bamboo used in the Korean bamboo salts, which provides not only minerals but a mineral exchange and filtering. Adding tiny amounts of salt in the water basin, is not only traditional in China but aids in the qi in the water with the charcoal. We highly suggest using the Korean salt for this. As some tea masters note, dont use the charcoal on mineral poor water as a base and don’t let the charcoal add too many minerals to the water, otherwise the water may get too hard. Adding tiny amounts of salt will fix this issue. Researchers in Taiwan report that the charcoal emit negative ion in the water, and it grows in the high regions with the best teas in synergy. We suggest soaking the cold water, a liter or bit more to one piece is good for pure water, and let sit over night or six hours. We use clay Japanese water cisterns which recreates a cave like effect but the best is to just keep out of plastic. Putting in sunlight seems to have a positive effective too. Can let pieces dry out in pure sun as well. After about a month or so, reboil the charcoal, dry it, then use it again. Combines great with our shungite to give your water structured dynamic potential energy that is further cleansed and purified, removing up to 82% chlorine and other impurities. Take you tea experience to the next level, water is the most vital resource and we are composed of water. We can unlock the healing potential of water following these adepts, and letting the living waters truly quench or deepest cellular thirsts.

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