We use a blend of high grade organic coca powder with a boost of ceremonial grade cacao that is freshly powdered. To this we add our blend of the finest herbal tonics and adaptogens. We know that the body is an electo-chemical biological organism that operates on cellular frequencies that signal a coded energy signature. This is a measurable human bio-field, the living vibrant energy of life itself that animates matter and manifests reality through consciousness. The Right View of health from spiritual to mental and physical is the coherent resonance of this signal that is steadied and poteniated by thoughts, diet, environment, and can be influenced by training, mediation and herbs.

This is the theory of energetics applied to herbs that creates a field of inducers that re-balance these signals so that the genetic codes do no lapse into chronic conditions and mutations. The body needs the calming bliss to create that positive feedback loop, and here is no better superfood for this than ritual grade cacao. This is healthy, satisfying and bliss inducing way to enjoy chocolate with none of the guilt of candy. This is an excuse to indulge in that “food of the gods” that is packed with anandamide or the bliss molecule, found in abundance in especially high grade cacao. To this we blend the elite class of adapotgens and and tonics that are saturated with signaling polysaccharides capable of reducing cellular senescence and modulating and balancing biological processes.

In this blend of cacao are the organic nutritionally dense superfoods and elixir herbs that boost energy, increase mental focus, muscle recovery and a dynamic and steady stimulation without jittery effects of caffeine. We round out the blend to add in super fine ground Korean 3x bamboo salt for a wonderful taste with the chocolate that is also rich in ORMUS and trace minerals. For good measure we add in nano particles of our mineral 12 cell salts. This blend has the following fresh, organic and mostly wildcrafted Raw Organic Cacaco powder, organic suma powder, organic lions mane, organic cordyceps, organic chaga, organic astragalus, organic black ginseng, organic rhodiola, organic pine pollen, organic turmeric, organic ashwagandha,organic maca korean bamboo salt,12 Cell Salts Powders
Delicious in raw milk , smoothies, elixirs, coffee, whole whipped coconut, bliss balls, raw snacks and more

We love to take this blend and mix it the blended whole coconut with honey, it is a potent superfood aphrodisiac and energizer

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