Ormus, also known as ORMEs, m-state elements, white powder gold, or the Philosopher’s Stone even, is an alchemical supervitamin of bioavailable minerals and elements in a high spin state of superconductivity. The effect is a cellular symphony of intention that permeates the body, as the system is literally designed to transmute this into pure alchemy energy. Famous for its ability to seem to strengthen will power, meditation, as well as a sense of well being, ormus is all over the world in nano particle aggregations. Special soils, mineral water, plants and salts seem to magnetically attract and hold ormus. Celtic sea salt and himalayan salt, hunza valley goji, and certain deposits worldwide have a high and diverse ratio of these alchemical elements. We use a blend of high plateau Tibetan lake salt with celtic and hawaiian salts, wildcrafted spring water from the shrine of the siddha and sufi bawa muhaiyyideen, which pilgrims travel to for the healing benefits of the water, and we infuse the water with the Siddha alchemical medicine of navapashanam as the water is further energized with noble elite shungite, structuring the water with healing intent and fullerenes, we collect the ormus from these sources on solstices, and further enhance them in magnetite chambers in a crucible with yantra and leklai. This is a magical tool of high spin energetic catalysts for spiritual growth and evolution. Its an ascension elixir and chakra and third eye tonic of the highest order. Also can be diluted to minute trace amount and given to plants as a mineral supplement and watch them grow large productive and insect resistant as well as taking weather and soil extremes better than untreated plants by far. Increased yields and mineral density. We hope to provide the best possible ormus material at a price affordable to all. Service to humantiy is service to God, you are us. Lighting your lamp makes the world brighter, and so while many charge $30 to $60 to $100 a bottle for ormus we charge the modest price of $18 per 2 oz bottle, if you can not afford contact we can work something out.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Also, a note on the blue pearl; the blue pearl is the primordial guru, master and teacher that mysteriously appears in meditation. It is written and spoken of in Buddhist, Daoist and Siddha traditions. Certain Siddhas become fully realized by understanding the power of the blue pearl, which manifests in the third eye ajna chakra as a beautfiul spinning vortex of light. Most of the siddhi powers are manifested through this esoteric and mysterious force. “BLUE PEARL: The point of pure Consciousness within each individual that is the core of our true identity and the source of all our powers of perception and action. It is depicted as shining in the space in the crown of the head; a vision of it is considered to be an auspicious glimpse of the innermost Self.”