We are unabashed chocolate addicts, for the taste, for the psychoactive effects, for the health benefits, and it is truly a Food of the Gods. We often fast for health and take any indulgences seriously, meaning, if we are going to partake of a ‘sweet’ or ‘treat’ we want it to be the very highest quality, or none at all. We feel the same way about everything in life, and thus we keep the highest standards from the company we keep to what we let engage our senses, entertainment to information. Do not waste your time with inferior pleasure, low-grade ‘snacks’, toxic junk foods.

But if you are not in a near state of bliss, you might have a severe chocolate deficiency. This is the counteraction. This is a delectable high cocoa butter fat (20-22%) certified organic cocoa powder. It is “dutched” meaning it is alkalized with potassium carbonate to neutralize acidity, balancing the bitter notes and bringing out the true depth of this uniquely sourced cocoa, a special extraction process to create the absolute best cocoa powder for all your recipes, hot chocolate, edibles and beyond.

1lb. for $12.50, packaged in high barrier food-grade foil ziploc pouch to maintain freshness.
And stay tuned for our herbal cocoa blend powders coming soon!