A powerful occult incense associated with magic and alchemy where ever it is found and imported to such as its use in Midieval European alchemy and theurgy. It is used extensively in Chinese esoteric Buddhism and Daoism and in Tantric occult as both an incense, and a magic ink, consecration oil, drug and for marking the body, drawing yantra and talismans etc. Because it is blood read and resembles natural cinnabar they are often confuse, as both are called Dragons blood resin in many occult texts. In Siddha and ayurveda it is used for treating irregularities of menstrual cycle and many other female complaints in formula like Pradar Nashak and it is in many female rasayana formula. In Indonesia and Malay it was used for shamanic rituals as a blood substitute and drawing talismans and sacred diagrams. To make into a powder freeze it overnight. This is beautiful glass like highest grade we have seen, it is like pure red mercury cinnabar in lustre. Others are old and faded from other sources but this is the highest quality, wildcrafted and infused from Malay sorcerers.*

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