We are not making any medical claims here, but on and off issues with wisdom teeth have been a recurrent issue since a young age. It rarely is too bad, some slight pressure or breaking through and then it subsides, these times are also linked with certain times of stress or over-exertion, or neglecting health. Rarely the pain becomes acute, but the surgery costs and invasiveness always had us looking for an alternative. This is a fundamental concern, as is all dental issues, with all traditional cultures. As one ages the acids, poor gut bacteria, lack of minerals, diet, etc. can really take their toll. As we reach a certain age it is time to focus on repair and preservation and to address issues. To this end, we are launching a dental health section, using traditional herbal traditions. It is interesting to note that despite many other issues most indigenous populations exhibit beautiful teeth, especially when keeping to their traditional ancestral diet, rich in minerals. Many use special herbs, mineral preparations and clays to address these concerns, which we offer (soon).

These pills are a traditional Chinese formula that can offer quick pain relief to acute tooth pain, especially painful wisdom tooth and root pain. There are other tooth products for sensitivity, which we will present, but this is an energetic medicine that moves blockages and energy and detoxifies the liver at the same time, aiding the removal of the toxins that accumulate when there is pain, as well as addressing the conditions which cause such pain. It is taken on a 10 day regimen of doses 2x a day, instructions provided. We have in our hiking and wildcrafting pack a small survival tin (which we hope to offer a version of) full of medicinal products and micro tools etc. and this is one of our mainstays. A tooth ache of any kind deep in the bush can be a nightmare, or even out in a day in the park. We keep some rare Life Preserving Jewel Pills for trauma, special Siddha headache pills, Daoist trauma pills for injuries, yogi pills for emergency fasting, and these for any dental pain or flair ups. A great thing to stock up on, made of heavy metal free traditional Chinese herbs, professionally pressed pills prepared by a Master herbalist who has seen us through some crises. He is the herbalist’s herbalist. One can see skepticism on some herbal medicines of the Chinese, but this is one that absolutely lives up to its traditional appeal. I have seen a patent version from China that is of unknown quality, but these are organic wildcrafted herbs, not that waxed tea pills that have strange binders and a potential carcinogenic glaze and talc.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.