A much requested item, we combine a Japanse activated bamboo charcoal that is mixed with our digestive living enzyme powder. The result is a cleansing, alkaline, and increase in the digestive enzymes that help move waste from the body. When one is detoxing, there is the Herxheimer effects, which often is a barrier for many to cross the threshold to true recovery. This reaction can be from die off and flooding of the biofilms, the waste products of parasites, bacteria etc. that then flood the body. Activated charcoal is a true toxic binder, and we feel ours is a high medicinal grade product. This is a potent cleanser, and great to take fasting for spiritual or healing reasons, for lyme or tick related healing protocols, weightloss and other modes of cleansing and beginning a new lifestyle. It can help with indigestion, hyper acidity, hangovers, allergies, and blood cleansing. It can help with results from bad food, as well as aiding in nutrition absorption. These are made fresh to order for maximum potency and blended in a gentle ratio so that the activated charcoal doesn’t ‘hit’ the stomach too hard as some feel. Drink a lot of water to aid flushing the system and check out our other fasting and digestive aids as well as tick herbs. This is a crucial product to take with our monolaurin for lyme protocols. Contact for further information.