Dragon's Breath Chulen


This is ancient formula that is for the pernicious and wayward qi energies, the polluted airs and infectious mists that cause the core issues. We are users of the supplement monolaurin, and this is really an even more potent analog, meaning it’s not of the same ingredients but having the same functions. It is much more powerful, concentrated, living and potent herbal formula for the monks especially designed to combat the intruding forces into health of bacteria, virus, etc. These are in micro sizes nectar pills for ease of exact dosages. For severe infections can take larger amounts or preventive/supplemental. These are what the monks are given when they must go into severe illness conditions to heal, and render aid, to go into the most sick areas. We make no medical claims but just inform of their traditional use. These are kept in special pouches by those tasked with the most dangerous healing concerns. Donation $108