We are engaging in our outreach and alchemical missionary work, to spread empowering power substances, alchemical products and sacred healing herbs in an ethical and sustainable manner. We have been gathering remarkable individuals as allies in this mission, and have the support of many valuable repeat clients and customers who have become friends. As we expand into a permacultural farm with operations of fermented cultures from monasteries, mineral dense sacred and superfood herbs, to wormculture and seed projects we are raising funds. But at the same time we often lament the high cost of the most sacred substances for those on a budget in these increasingly difficult times. Our solution to this comes in the formation of a limited special donation from a life long practitioner and Tibetan Dr. who has taken the traditional Congchen Chulen from Tibetan monasteries and produced an elixir with over 10 kinds of precious nectar pills and 5 Jewel pills in an aged traditional port liquor. This is offered in a limited amount as it is rare and priceless items with the sacred energizing chulen. This is the traditional method of taking the essences and chulens as they permeate the body rapidly. We can use the sale of this special limited product to buy a specific piece of equipment for our laboratory in the next step in bringing living tinctures, fermented cultures, and ingredients from the monastery pharmacies of Asia. We are very excited for this and thank you for your support. Limited to 33 bottles, priced for all to afford at 10$ special circumstances please write for arraignments. Stock up it will not last and we are aiming to get the equipment soon, thank you for your support.

These pills contain infinite blessings, countless holy offerings, made by rainbow-body attained Tulkus who made pills of empowerment containing blessed substances and relic gems in an unbroken change back to the rainbow showers of Buddha nectar pills that rain on the monasteries. These are slowly digested in the traditional port of Tibetan yogis, which in dissolved the chulen essences and nectar pills that overcome obstacles, generate insight, are meant to remove karmic stains and negativity. This supplement can be taken anytime and especially as a cleansing before important retreats or practices. It is considered extremely sacred and can be used in inner offerings and sacred drink during ganachakras. Further, just tasting a speck of this guarantees that one day one will attain the state buddhahood. They are blessed by masters of the practice of Tantra to create a positive connection to develop compassion and benefit. One can feel a strong joy and blissful, yearning and intense compassion and intense desire for Enlightenment with these pills. One can feel an intense striving for healing and aiding others and feel the blessed energy surge through the body, inspiring wisdom and clearing obstacles towards deeper realization. These can produce a profound euphoria and sexual energy that is best transmuted by using the mind to make it an offering and pulling the energy into the crown. This provides an immense healing as the energy builds it will flood the channels of the subtle body and produce a truly glowing radiance, energy and inner light.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.