So many issues arise from inflammation. We present the Ayurvedic and Siddha powerhouse against this baneful condition, with the bioavailability boost long pepper and black pepper extracts. This is a 10x tincture, where raw turmeric is cold pressed and slowly extracted to a 10x potency, meaning the result is 10x or 10:1. This is a favorite for athletes and those suffering from the cluster of conditions exacerbated by inflammation. Is is a high anti-oxidant also boosting mood, aiding circulation, liver health, and the conditions associated with arthritis, gout, liver and blood stagnation, poor digestion. This is the spagyric formula which incorporates the calcined minerals of the nutrient dense roots. These are organic, small batch strains selected for medicinal uses through generations. They are prepared using the fusion of the rasashastra and spagyric methods, a perfect way to get the relief into the bloodstream. This is a great fasting and detox herb, giving a glowing countenance to the skin as well from prolonged use.

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