Taking health to the next degree from our 32 herb popular Swedish bitters to the ultimate Western Tradition elixir of 33 herbs, a spectrum of ormus metals, plant cells salts and calcined mineral essences this is a Great Labor of love.

Honoring of the Master Alchemist and Pilgrim of the Sun

To he who is like Odin of the Hyperborean North…

The quest for alchemical knowledge is its own reward. It is the study of Nature, of the Philosophers, Immortals and Saints. One learns the essence of humanity, its Arts and Crafts, the history and the most universally beautiful and exalting Truths ever realized. The name of Filiation is due to the sonship or the deepest devotion of being a disciple. This is beyond words and flowerly attempts at respect but in the deepest abiding humility, service, sharing and reciprocating the energy of that relationship. Filiation draws from the lessons of the greatest living teacher in the West, who retires to the wilderness and can create his entire laboratory from the forest with the minimal tools and apprentices. He has lit the lamp through the false anti- and counter-traditions of the corrupted brotherhoods. He exposes the dead ends and traps of the stingy lodges who plagiarize with one hand the sacred knowledge and slip in false trails with the other. He has suffered for these teachings like many of the previous masters, as they attempted to suppress and end his life. The strategic and tactical dissemination of his knowledge has been the greatest boon, the very skeleton key to the whole of the genuine Hermetic and spagyric traditions into the advanced levels of metallic and biological alchemy. He is the master potter, the master archer, master herbalist, glassblower, writer, poet, an true Adept who warned of and prepared for the current world events. He is the Solar Hero, the modern logos of the Western Path and Hermetic way of medicine. This adeptship understood again as in former glory, back in its former understanding as the complete Human Being empowered in the resilience and skill beyond measure. Blessings to the Master at whom just the mere mention of his name makes you strive harder.

Filiation Spagyrics Elixir of St Germain

Much has been written about this Master and his famous elixir. A lot of of the New Age has taken to legend of this true alchemical adept, as is done to all the legitimate initiatory traditions and masters. It is a subtle attempt of the counter tradition to taint by association. This has an effect of discrediting and muddying the waters by linking truths with a hodge podge of pop-occultism and the worst of late 19th century European esoterica. These misconceptions reinterpreted a past and tagged on the dregs of the occult sciences once filtered through the Enlightenment, leaving a schizophrenic reality in place where the most learned rejected all but rationalism and materialism while the masses chose lowest parlor trick supernaturalism, spiritualism and fortune telling. But prior to this, there were the greatest Masters practicing in secret, while professing nothing but logic and hard science. Although not a Master of alchemy, Newton was such a man who studied alchemy and occult subjects in absolute secret. One not so discreet was the mysterious Comte de Saint Germain, allegedly an illegitimate son of Transylvania aristocracy, who was a thorough gentleman and widely famous for the depth of his occult knowledge.

The Carpathian mountains of Transylvania have been known to be deep in esoteric power and alchemical substances. The supposed horrors of the nobility of that region have them in legion with their kindred in London as well as all the other of the Black Nobility of Europe. They used many sorcerers like John Dee to allegedly contact entities and gain supernatural knowledge through Kabalistic pacts with demons and fallen angels or the Watchers. Perhaps this is the blood sorcery behind their wars and the impalings and incessant charges of the blackest magic from the Hellfire Club into the modern times. It is the “bastard” nature of the Count that likely set him free of this bloodline system, as he could never fully be part of it with his illegitimacy. There we have the most powerful adept with a foot in both worlds, capable of understanding the black and the white and thus he becomes gray. But he can not have an extreme sympathy for the parasitic nobility although he travels amongst them. Like the other alchemists he was almost ascetic in habits, healing the sick and poor but using his occult knowledge and powers to stun the nobility and perhaps to warn them there was consequences and polarities to their intentions. His arrest in the Jacobite revolution but summary release has him at the core of these mechanisms, but as he was illegitimate he could not have been in league with the conspirators. The charges were using a fake name and being celibate (or not with a woman) and he was a mad saint “He sings, plays on the violin wonderfully, composes, is mad, and not very sensible. He is called an Italian, a Spaniard, a Pole; a somebody that married a great fortune in Mexico, and ran away with her jewels to Constantinople; a priest, a fiddler, a vast nobleman. The Prince of Wales has had unsatiated curiosity about him, but in vain. However, nothing has been made out against him; he is released; and, what convinces me that he is not a gentleman, stays here, and talks of his being taken up for a spy.”

His music is ethereal, emotional, spiritual and exalting. He wrote and performed with an energy that made him seem crazy. Yet he had medical cures and powers, the Universal Medicine. He was an adept feigning madness trying to help the King with a service to France with this alchemically deduced textile dyes, change and empower the traditional ways, before the masonic and Jacobite and Kabalists overthrew all the monarchies and beheaded thousands, and with it the entire sacred past of Europa. They took to secret societies and hid the knowledge while St. Germain tried to draw as much attention to these traditions as possible and yet protecting himself with the insulation of being considered a fool and imposter. But the genius of his music, his herbalism and the living clues of his greatness in the teaching that is his life tell of a true radical mystical genius who taught the ancient recipes of health. He was never seen eating, nor cavorting but had infinite intelligence and grasp of topics and languages that boggled the mind of any that wanted to simply understand him as a gifted charlatan.

The Elixir

Just some of the more rare or interesting ingredients; especially the manna resin and huge portion of rare wild saffron.

We can read all the distortions and guess about this elixir in various sources, with conflicting ingredients and accounts. All miss the mark and come from that distorted time frame of pseudo-initiatory groups in the late 19th and early 20th Century that really are the root of the New Age and the like. We go back to find the tradition in a trust-but-verify view of the entire corpus of the stated core ingredients. Our great teacher and alchemical father of Western alchemical lore has done much of this technical research and published it deep within his traditional handmade and handprinted books. These include the initiatory lineages of these formula for organ detox that was crucial for taking the higher medicines that gave these Adepts exceptional heath and longevity. This is the excellence of this formula in pulling out liver, kidney and blood toxins and is the absolute best for fasting and digestion as well as intense protocols associated with tick born illnesses and similar bio-film, mucous and neoplasm. The core ingredients are well known like the wondrous and still rare to obtain today, the manna or resin Fraxinus ornus, to more esoteric mineral preparations that are not well discussed in any recipes from the AMROC (a psuedo-initiatory group having nothing to do with the historical Rosicrucians). Another neglected ingredient is mumiyo from the iatro-chemical master Paracelsus who processed it in a unique way from his time with the Tartars and in India.

We maintain based on our French Masters teachings that he was part of this direct initiatory heritage and that the recipe can be replicated with the diverse ingredients and salts essential oils, in the philosophically rectified and purified elderberry, elderflower spirits. The ingredients and recipes we have seen are very good compared to many other options but they are not much more effective than any average preparation of Swedish Bitters. We have the highest quality black cumin seed/oils, and many of the ingredients overlap with the best elixirs known, Elixir Vitae and spagyric cordials, but it is truly the process and alchemical elements that lift into a majesty of the three kingdoms. We disclose another secret that is in forming plant stone and mineral stones with nano-particle absorption from the alchemical gold and silver for the microcosmic inner-outer elemental resonance. All these must be commenced with astro-theological precision. We prepared the quintessence on the rare Solar eclipse which was an astrological twilight of merging energies, a chance for great energy and change depending on the intention. The in between and betwixt celestial movements surge the kinetic energy of the ether into menstrums, with quantifiable differences in extractions and potencies done during those periods.

It is the solve et coagula of the essentials all combined in the slow sweating of the resins and salts and oils in countless distillations that weakens their physical bonds. Like the interior of the atom is a mini solar system with particles orbiting around a central power, this becomes transmuted in the fatigue of the boundaries as the salts volatility superinfuses with the oils and extracts. The quintessence of substances combined, dissolved and recombined over and over again and finally crowned with the nano-golden infusion of white gold ash with high spin mono-atomic elements from the soils of the Hyperborean North and pristine volcanic deposits of Iceland. The combination of the flowers, the seeds, oils resins salts in the sharpened philosophical solvent creates a digestive aid and spagyric elixir of unsurpassed detoxification and deep tissue cleansing. The mineral salts and deep fulvic and humic preparations are deftly blended into the whole calcined salt minerals, which is the nutritional secret of deep nourishment that let the Master fast so easily. This is a cellular energetic medicine of the heights of the Western tradition famous for centuries amongst kings and peasants. It is the combination of all the elements and inner organ microcosmic correspondences as understood in the Western Hermetic tradition of occult and alchemical biology. The core formula is 33 herbs which is used for an energetic protocol to advance of the up the true esoteric nature of the 33rd degrees which is corrupted by infiltrate masonry. The 33 degrees are the 33 parts of the spinal column of the kundalini just as the symbol of Western medicine or the caduceus is the ida, pingala and shushumna.

This is a tiny batch, artisanal production of countless hours of research, expense and processes. It is extremely limited quantities and only available for supplies last. Producing elixirs like this are an initiatory practice and these are made with that reverence. Extreme attention to quality and traditional accuracy and spiritual intentions to heal is the only concern.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.