Filiation Spagyrics: Spagyric Salves

From the alchemical lab of Filiations Spagyrics, our partners in the Western hermetic tradition, who take the natural Zechstein sea magnesium crystal salts from deep deposits, monoatomic spagyric salts, and infuse them in pure organic hempseed oil and distilled water, whipping into pure natural unrefined shea butter, with a kiss of all natural lavender essential oil. Topical magnesium is the best way to address the epidemic levels of magnesium deficiency and this spagyric formula increases the bio-availability of magnesium.

This is a sal-ve, from the sal that means salt, which is the root of such words as salvation and a key alchemical understanding of the most volatile and philosophical form of a given substance. After decades of study on monoatomic elements, they have affirmed the healing, and superconductive elements in a high spin state effect the cellular resonance and signalling of the immune system. Filiation Spagyrics takes this natural salt that is super-infused and saturated in this “wet” salve, with the lipids in the butter and oil creating a matrix for the salt to be diffused and crossing the surface tension of cells of the skin. Yet the result is absorption and not some oily skin. There is an instantly better feeling with this, especially if you are deficient as the oil is a great way as well, and is used to almost miraculously heal people and is sold by various different names.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.