One of the things grandparents used to always say was you only get one set of teeth so take care of them. As you get older you realize the wisdom in this, but the neurotoxic and endocrine disrupting chemicals of modern dentalcare is making one choose between healthy teeth and systemic poisoning. You can see in certain indigenous societies, despite poverty, poor hygiene and actual modern health care, they have stunningly well teeth as adults. In China this can be found in heavy tea drinkers which has a natural flouride, and the best teeth in India or Africa are found where people consume or make use of medicinal clays or naturally are in mineral-rich areas where abundant salts and bio-available nutrients give them a radiance in general. We have been on a protocol to repair and maintain dental health in a natural, Ayurvedic and Siddha way as they have a 5000 year history of study on remediation on oral care issues and have a very positive success rate as be can seen in their ardent practitioners.

The foundation for this blend is a therapeutic, microscreened traditional blend of Sodium Bentonite Clay which has a strong negative electric charge, that pulls in heavy metals and removes toxins. This is blended with Calcium Bentonite and a special red clay from India used in their famed Ayurvedic and Yogi tooth powder that is said to help fill in cavities and abrasions and allow them to heal with their high bioavailable mineral content. It has a natural silica that is a useful abrasive in tooth cleansing that is gentle and again, plugging teeth in holes with minerals that can bond and begin to fill in. Next we add Ayurvedic bhasmas and pisti salts of beneficial plants high in detoxification and trace minerals, high water coral and sea pearl bhasma rich in caclcium and sea minerals that sooth and infuse the teeth with bio-available calcium, and for a full alchemical boost: the screened fine Korean alchemical bamboo salt. Many ingredients use himalayan salt, (which we’ll have a version of) but this is the most superior medicinal alchemical longevity and mineral salt on earth in our opinion and it is used traditionally for dental care, fasting and digestion. These are mineral and detoxification powerhouses, cleansing and targeting harmful bacteria and soothing gums and infusing the teeth with another layer of nano-minerals. We also add some long pepper and triphala for antioxidants and they are a classical energetic ingredient in tooth powder. We also put some anti-septic natural mint extract in there that gives a refreshing, clean finish.

One can begin to feel this work on the teeth, it can be used with a toothbrush, tooth stick, or even finger, and its good to let it become a paste on the teeth and sit for awhile, then vigorous rinsing and swishing around between teeth and spit out. We will be adding different other types of toothbrushes tooth sticks and tongue scrapers as well as fermenting items to aid in the detox and good gut flora that is an essential component in over-all care but especially in oral health. We also will be presenting many other tooth powder blends for specific purposes but we consider this one the best daily tooth powder in existence, and we think you will agree. We will provide a scoop and small jar for dipping the toothbrush, tooth stick or finger, so to ration out an amount for a few days from the larger amount to keep extra fresh and avoid cross contamination.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.