Black seed oil, Nigella sativa, was a wonder herb for internal and external conditions in the ancient world, written about as the cure of all diseases except death, and almost enshrined in religious reverence in certain traditions. It was almost forgotten in the West until Arabian racehorses brought to Europe became ill with especially skin diseases that resisted all known cures and treatments then known. The breeders were contracted and they were told to use the black seed oil and the horses recovered almost miraculously. People with stubborn wounds that wont heal, or rashes, or issues of eczema, fungal infections and acne have benefit from internal and external applications of this miracle oil. But the external applications are our focus here, and this is a rich, healing body butter elegant and powerful in its simplicity of pure wildcrafted, ethically harvested and fair trade African Shea butter whipped in healing love with generous amounts of the most potent mineral rich organic Egyptian Black Seed Oil. This is a superior skin care product for really sensitive skin, burns, marks, fungal issues, insects bites, rashes, and for helping wounds to heal, as well as aiding skin detox. It is also just a wonderful skin tonic, moisturizing and conditioning the different layers of skin, rejuvenating and treating wrinkles and blemishes and acne. Slight variation may occur from jar to jar as product is produced in microbatches. For external use only. Comes in a 2oz. reusable cosmetic jar.