It was the great mission of Siddha Boganathar, who made navapashanam to share with the public by way of making a statue and sharing the recipe with a few Siddha lineages, to create a substance capable of spiritual transmutation and healing (which angered some Siddhas in sharing high secrets with the public). To this end we have collected navapashanam beads from the only government certified Siddha doctor to produce this as well as from highly respected Saints and doctors renowned in the indigenous Southern Indian alchemical and yogic circles. We have at present four such beads and have produced a water elixir from the one Siddha Saint to have a shrine in the USA. We use meteoric shungite and a magnetic leklai from esoteric sects that left Tamil to Malaysia and then merged with the Lersi tradition in Thailand. These structure and infuse the water with celestial astral energy and the Cthonic Naga resonance from the leklai caves. We then drip this through a copper vessel spiraling on to the four beads Navapashanam that are kept in an ancient Saddhu’s Kalmandu. Navapashanam is the height of Siddha spiritual medicine, igniting a spiritual fire and yet calming at the same time, for many it is transformative and transmuting, accomplishing what takes many years of yogic practice if taken consistently while engaged in yoga or meditation practices. We have a forthcoming monograph on this complex alchemical medicine, but it is a core of our practice and healing mission. We present this free and with a small parad gutika bead to all those able to donate the packaging/shipping charges. This items are free, you pay for the cost of the packaging and the shipping. Limited to 1 per customer.

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