To celebrate our deep relationships and for the summer heat, we release a special Master Blend for weight loss, detox, fasting, retreats, and for true electric, radiant health. We follow the alchemical path of the green ray, the alchemical solar energy that infuses the plant world with the green hues that soothe our eyes and signal our bodies. We use the finest organic herbs, vegetable and superfood fruit powder with the medicinal mushrooms that we feel synergize the best for creating the positive feedback loops of detoxification sustained with deep nutrition. We use a blend of adaptogenic blending herbs that balance the hormones and sooth inflammation, and the nutrient-dense and vitamin-rich tonic herbs and organic culinary treasures. We round out the blend with the perfect mix of organic or wildcrafted sea herbs, and the most antioxidant fresh fruits, berries, of the pristine forests and jungles. We infuse the powder with the extracted spagyric plant essences and our own fermented blend of digestive enzymes for cleansing the stagnant, aggregated wastes, or what is called in Ayurveda the ama. This is the like the filth around the pipe in the sink that is clogged but in the intestines. It is aiding to drink these gently dehydrated and balanced herbs for a complete detox and jump start to health. It is like drinking liquid sunlight. A pulsating, healing rippling effect of energy. We work so hard and in the heat and humidity, the dense meals are never a good idea. Summer’s dog days are the ideal time for fasting, for meal replacements and for the Noetic Medicine that combines the spagyric essences. Noetic Herbalism is the path of understanding the role of consciousness in health as proved in the basis of the advanced modern physics. This has implications on all fields, as the mind’s influence, the observer bias, nudges or influences potential outcomes.

In the healing of the body, we know the role of meditation, of stress and depression on the body. Noetic herbalism is the focused, ritual and intention based method of consuming herbs. It is a system that understand the exploits used against people to take away their vitality and energy. This is what the Daoist masters talk about as leaking energy. We must close off the inner crucible and regain our digestive and spiritual fires. The kindling comes from the herbs, the catalysts to regain the Original Wellness, the primordial chi that is energetically written into the herbs. This is the signature of the signals sent to cells, and many feel and heal from herbs because the herbs send the corrective signal that repairs the long term distortions in DNA from oxidative stress and inflammation. We live in the perfect storm of such overwhelming of the body in pollution, lifestyle, stress, bad diet, GMO, chemicals in cleaners, body products etc. that simply flood the body. We can reduce but it’s nearly impossible to find any where that the horrible pollutants have not invaded. We can however take the herbs and feed the cells the vital nutrients and allow the body to take energy normally expended in digestion and allow the body to heal. It is good to rest deeply, and drink the water and get solar and lunar exposure, especially during the waxing cycle of the moon. It is good to saturate the body in the symbolic, sacred and spiritual associations that one is drawn to or it can be the sigilized intentions to heal or other aspects of life. This becomes the absolute focus and occupying the senses. This is the point of the theurgy of the Mysteries, the Daosit rituals, the puja, the tantrik rites, all of them use correspondences to incite the mind to exalted states. If you can comprehend that the mind has influence on reality and bodily health, it’s no wonder that the exaltation in a specific mode, the ritual or theurgic noetic herbalism, will therefore yield even more potent results.

Those that are volatile and passionate often are in a cursed way, manifested by their own energy that is misdirected. Because our consciousness is so powerful this becomes the basis for the black cloud person, or the evil eye, the person whose inner world is in such disarray they attract bad luck, ill relationships, etc. They are often cursing others, or themselves by accident as their emotions and reality link up and become focused in rages and attracting negative outcomes. The issue with these arts is that one must understand that to effect, means one can also be effected. There are circuits and laws of reciprocity and energy. Therefore the still one, the fixed in thought, word and deed is much less compromised due to the sheer psychic integrity they produce from intention and will in focus. So one must truly link these in absolute understanding to manifest and create the potential for the outcomes they desire. Usually negative things will bring such a conflict that is beyond moral considerations to misuse such an understanding, but some persist. They are like the trees whose roots are dying and yet the tree looks healthy until it suddenly collapses. We are seeing generations perish under these false occult notions, just as forests are dying from the same fate on the macrocosmic level. These are herbs ethically harvested and wildcrafted from the sacred centers of the ancient world, the macrocosmic chakras of the planet.

So many are searching for external solutions, so few can digest the brutal simplicity of the inner alchemy of the true herbalist. This is the master herbalists’ and healers’ way of appraising and seeing into the body, and developing the intuition and empathy crucial to the healer. When this is the intention and taking the spagyric essences and herbs, it becomes a rapid absorption of the siddhi of penetrating insights. It is the full visionary expositions, the sometimes unnerving sensing of illness, the second sight of warnings. These are lower levels that flash in those engaging in the true alchemical trainings and fastings. Our Daoist teachers were a beautiful blend of pragmatic and ritual practice. They loved their indigenous forest mushrooms and herbs, but also took great delight and treasured the precious herbs from far off regions. They sought the balance between the local and the genetic and superfoods of this realm and blend them into herbs that feed the lowest fires. Those who have delved deep into our alchemical research will know the deepest associations between the Siddha and Daoist lineages as well as the original Primordial people of the Polar Tradition, the true Hyperboreans.

The balance of the digestive, sexual, the psychic fires opens up the secret and spiritual fire, just as the outer elixir prepares for the true inner elixir to drip from the inner most temple of the body. Those seeking to trace back this alchemical tradition are encouraged to contact and please support our works to release the best elixir herbs as well as publishing the deep research on these topics for creating a New Adept and Master.