Handmade Thai Herbalist Knife

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We search the world for quality, high grade, fair trade organic herbal and medicinal products and herbalism is our mission, religion, way of life. We seek out the best teachers, the best texts, the best packaging, the best handblown glass and handmade pottery to create our medicines. We also grow and wildcraft as much of our herbs as possible. We are constantly testing various tools and indigenous methods for clean, efficient and ethical harvesting. When we learned of this special knife we present here, it was from one of our most cherished herbalist suppliers and teachers from Thailand, true hermit lersi master of the occult and botanical arts of several traditions and lineages. This is an amazing curved blade, reminding me of those real herbalist crescent knives of the peasant cunning folks and root diggers of old pagan Europe. It’s a solid steel in a reclaimed exotic Thai wood handle, riveted with brass pins and honed of high quality reclaim upcycled blades of things like lawnmowers and old plow metal by the tribal metal smiths. It is the perfect lightweight, efficient, easily sharpened and holding its edge type knife for serious harvesting, weeding, light pruning, and even to get at your fruit or other light garden work. These are sturdy, super sharp and wonderful blades, a cross between a boline and hand scythe, like a mini-machete. There are many such knives around but these are the best and supporting an authentic, living legend of an herbalist master. Knife is 8.5″, blade is 4″.

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