By special request to the Guru we get a special blend of precious herbal essences, shilajit, monoatomic bhasmas, natural bioavailable minerals and siddha flower pollens to create a fasting formula for the warriors and those seeking to increase training, create muscle and lose weight safely in a natural, balanced and energizing way. This is a formula high in natural organic protein (24 grams of protein per serving) for those seeking a Siddha/ayurvedic way to train for martial arts or weight loss, fasting for detox. This is a blend that is great to have in smoothies, and gives the phytonutrients and minerals of rare Palani training herbs used for vigor, clarity and energy. We have lots of inquiries on training with mace and classical Indian martial arts and this is a traditional formula of using these herbs. It is containing secret herbs of Siddha Agastya in the healing martial arts of Kalari, or Kalarippayattu. We can further customize a blend in honey for taking microdoses all day, you can blend with honey and nuts and make energy food, dry and carry for training, make in smoothies, etc. This is the supreme fasting herbs for someone doing much work and training, heavy lifting, exercise and fighting or looking for meal replacement to lose weight and detox fat and waste in intestines. the moringa and hemp (contains no THC and is safe for drug tests) is pure and wildcrafted powders giving a satisfied, clear and vibrant mind and body.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.