Our guild has a publishing house to articulate a New Adept within the Tradition. The Orphic/Buddhist, the Indo-European Mysteries of Hyperborea, of Thrace and Scythia birthed the Daoist and Vedic alchemy, where the source of the current of Greco-Buddhist exchange, in a esoteric stream that traces the origins of the soma plants and the Sacred Way both East and West.

Herein are ethnobotanical and alchemical keys to the Mysteries and the secrets of Immortality as expressed within the lore of these supreme Traditions and lineages. Essential training and self-initiation into the Hermetic and alchemical practices that retain the Memory across the Abyss, the Bardos, and through the outerdark.


The Hyperborean Research Society members have spent a lifetime researching the entheogenic and shamanic wisdom of the ancestors. Cutting through the fog of the occult wars, the propaganda, and the synthetic traditions and drugs, we present a new series of our collective research. It is predominantly studying the Indo-European traditions with a special emphasis on Orphic, Hermetic, Hellenistic Mysteries.

Having spent many decades seeking the Traditional use of entheogenic plants and alchemy, we feel this series has the potential to be useful and unique. Oftentimes we get inquiries asking how to deepen the practices that we allude to in other monographs. As such this is a response to many questions posed in correspondences that we will expand into a series of publications. Perhaps there are such practical manuscripts on entheogens and theurgy, but we have not found them.

Vol. 1 of the trilogy comprises a general discussion on some key aspects of the occult wars and entheogens, botanical mysteries fasting, theurgy, and initiatory practices of the Philosopher Shamans.

Vol. 2 is an entheogenic breviary of the Traditional pagan Mysteries: the symbols and artistic representations to ponder while one is in the contemplative initial phases of the training and as a visual meditation aid, or reader for microdose. The sacred maxims, sentences and verses of the Northern Hyperborean adepts are also included. There are some discussions of the Eleusinian and Delphic cults, the emblemata of the Mysteries, hymns to the Gods, and quotes from initiates on the sacred Rites.

Vol. 3 will contain miscellaneous essays and an extensive reading list. There is an in-depth discussion from guild founders on our prime sacramental herb admixtures and other pertinent essays on the Mysteries and entheogenic plants.

Our monographs do not assume our readers are ignorant, or that they are unfamiliar with these topics. We do try to frame the complex subjects with general or introductory notes, as well as provide a bibliography for the series, but we do not ‘dumb it down’ or try to speak down to the audience. We feel we give enough information and allusions to those who are beginning these studies to conduct their own education and research to become familiar with these wide-ranging subjects. This is certainly not in sympathy with much of the ‘psychedelic’ or 60’s drug culture of the radical left or those that enjoy the icons and pop-culture dilettantes who dabble with such substances. Those who take artificial drugs, synthetic or non-plant derived chemicals or like goetic or kabbalistic ‘versions’ of the Western Tradition will not enjoy this. Likewise, those that are hostile to a Traditionalist worldview and who follow a lot of New Age and countercultural heroes may find some of the material antagonistic to cherished icons. Many will have found the use of these plants as popularized by such dubious characters as Castenada, Mckenna, Wasson, Leary, Crowley, etc. but we argue them as anti- and counter-Traditional, anti-initiatory distortions of a much more ancient, authentic and ancestral path. Those seeking a deeper study are welcome to contact our Research Society.