Dried white mulberries, also known as Sang Shen in mandarin, traditional Chinese medicine thinks that black color acts on kidney meridian while white color works on lung channel. Therefore, black mulberry is recommended in treating kidney deficiency and pain in the leg and waist while white mulberry is preferable in curing deficiency of lung qi and chronic cough. Specifically, its health benefits are as follows: a) Nutritional supplement. It contains large amount of water, carbohydrates, vitamins, carotenoids and essential trace elements, which can effectively increase the body’s blood volume. More importantly, this tonic is not stagnant. That being said, it is a perfect diet therapy for patients with high blood pressure or female diseases.
b) Strengthening the spleen and stomach and improving digestive health. It contains tannic acid, a fatty acid, malic acid and other nutrients, which can help digest fat, protein and starch. As a result, it can be used to treat diarrhea caused by indigestion.

c) Improving the hair and restoring color. Besides of a lot of nutrients needed by the body, it still contains ingredients that benefit hair, which can stimulate hair growth and thus help restore gray hair back to color.

d) Preventing vascular sclerosis. It is rich in resveratrol, which is a potent antioxidant that can inhibit LDL lipid peroxidation, prevent cytotoxic caused by LDL oxidation, and then protect the cells specifically from lipid peroxidation. In addition, resveratrol can also reduce platelet aggregation and thus prevent atherosclerosis.

e) Anti-cancer. It contains large amounts of rutin, which has been proved by modern medicine that it is able to prevent the formation of colon cancer. And rutin can cool blood, stop bleeding, clear liver-fire, reduce inflammation, and destroy viruses. Hence, eating it on daily basis can also help prevent and treat cerebral hemorrhage, hypertension, retinal hemorrhage, chronic bronchitis, and so on.

f) Tonifying liver and kidney. It governs liver and kidney, nourishes yin, enriches blood, promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, and moistens dryness. So, it is ideal for consumptive thirst, body fluid deficiency and intestinal dryness with constipation that are caused by deficiency of yin-fluid and blood in liver and kidney.

g) Low calories. Calories in dried white mulberries are quite low. So eating it won’t affect your weight loss plan.

H) Treatment of sexual dysfunction. It has a certain effect on regulating liver and kidney and thus the quality of sexual life in men will be greatly improved. Meanwhile it also treats impotence, premature ejaculation, dead sperm, and other sexual dysfunction disorders.

H) Anti-aging. When it comes to regimen, regulating Qi and blood is the basic method. And it can help go a long way on regulating deficiency of qi-blood, and thus delay aging.

Dried white mulberry fruit is a very good snack but eating too much of it may lead to some unexpected adverse reactions.

1) Because it contains hemolytic and allergic substances and hyaluronic acid, excessive consumption of it is more likely to develop hemolytic colitis.

2) Children should not eat too much of it. This is simply because it has many trypsin inhibitor – tannic acid, which will affect the body’s absorption of iron, calcium, zinc and other substances.

3) It shouldn’t be used in those who suffer from diarrhea due to deficient spleen since it is of cold nature.

4) People with diabetes should stay away from it since it is high in sugar content.

Mulberry, Cosmological symbolism abounds from solar and lunar associations from ancient China. There mentions of the use of all parts from bark, tree,and roots, but by far the fruit bud would be the best for a wildcrafted food. The dried fruit is delicious, abundant and easily dried for storage making it a quintessential macrobiotic food packed with nutrients and with a long medicinal heritage. Adepts take the plant as their name frequently, such as Sangzi “the Mulberry master” or Zhangsang jun, “Lord Elder Mulberry” as well as masters of mulberry groves. The famous quest for the plant of Immortality, sought by Chhen Shih Huang might have been for a type of mulberry. The Chin Lou Tzu (Book of the Golden Hall Master):On the magical island of the Shen-chou there grows the herb of immortality (pussu chih tshao) new sprouts of which come up in great abundance. People who have been dead for some time rise again if this herb is strewn upon them. In the time of Chhin Shih Huang Ti many people in the Ferghana (Ta-Yuan) died unjustly, but certain birds looking crows took this herb in their bills and dropped it on the groud so as to cover them, whereupon the dead immediately sat up. Shih Huang Ti sent someone to enquire of Kuei Ku who dwelt by the northern city wall, and the (answer) came that on Tan-Chou,another magical island, in the Eastern Sea the herb of immortality grew in beautiful fields. It was on hearing this that Chhin Shih Huang Ti sent Hsu Fu to sea to look for certain golden and jade-like vegetables and also a tree producing mulberries one inch across. Thus did the Chhin emperor send Hsu Fu to search for the mulberry (sang jen)in he midst of the blue sea. There grew the fu-sang mulberry tree several tunes ten thousand feet high. There was a pair of them supporting each other; hence the name “mutually supporting mulberry fu-sang.” The immortals ate the mulberries, their bodies gave out a golden glow, and they flew in and out of the Palace of the Primal Vitality.*

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