Hyperborean Laboratories: Integrated Gemmotherapy & Oligotherapy Spagyric Elixir
2 oz

Gemmotherapy is a powerful therapy well known and used extensively in Europe and increasingly around the world. Gemmotherapy is part of a branch of phytotherapy that uses the embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function and facilitate tissue regeneration, encouraging toxin elimination by directing them towards the emunctories. This is an evolved herbalism that aids in detoxification, tissue regeneration that uses the gibberelins of plant and tree buds to encourage growth and proper organ function. Decades of research and apprenticeship with masters has led us to provide you with the elite formula that are hand harvested in the most pristine areas of Northern Europe. We gather these in the precise planetary hours as per spagyrics (which the ancients knew was the maximum point of potency of a plant’s essence) and macerate the fresh buds in handblown traditional glass demijohns with spagyric organic red wine and organic vegetable glycerin for a philosophical month (40 days). This is the precise method for truly dynamic herbal formula, with the most potent properties of the buds. Our methods are a progressive evolution in the field of phytoembryotherapy, using aspects of oligotherapy techniques as well to best formulate herbal complexes. Some herbs are best harvested and diluted while others are best in more of a concentrated form. We combine these techniques to create truly powerful protocols that function as catalysts for general well being.

We present here our favorite formula for the modern age, one that combats stress, anxiety, fatigue and helps eliminate waste and stimulate organ function and balance.

The fresh harvsted buds of the following are used:

The buds of European Alder or Alnus glutinosa is traditionally used for chronic conditions, especially inflammatory disorders‚ and is indicated for conditions associated with arthritis or joint pain from lyme or tick related issues, decrease the inflammatory phases at the respiratory and venous level, to support the kidneys as well as coronary conditions. It is used for issues of the circulatory system, regrowth of cells as well as anti-coagulant and anti-thrombotic properties. Many tout its use for memory loss, dementia, senility, as well as digestive aids such as IBS, ulcers, celiac and other chronic conditions and allergies.

The buds of English Hawthorn or Crataegus oxyacantha is used for heart issues traditionally but is also a calming essence found to aid in stress by calming the cardiac rhythm and tensions and tonifying heart muscles. It is used for circulatory issues and normalizes tension either hypo- or hypertension and it has a positive inotropic and chronotropic action as well as acting as a ‘heart drainer’ and many other cardiac issues. Many use this herb for its properties with existential anxiety and malaise. It is also traditionally used for hyperthyroidism, digestive issues of compulsive eating and degenerative diseases leading to tissue sclerosis.

The fresh buds of the linden tree or Tilia tomentosa are traditionally used for relaxing the nerves, cardiovascular issues, blood pressure and headaches, insomnia as it contains the terpene farnesol that has subtle sedative properities and nuero-regulatory properties. It is traditionally used as a sleep enhancement, nervous issues, neuralgia, as well as weight loss, chronic inflammation of the gastric tissue and colitis.

The fresh buds of Birch or Betula pubescens. Birch is one of our favorite herbal allies with a deep action and healing catalyst studied for its anti-inflammatory, immunomodulator, antithrombotic, and in stimulating Kupffer cells of liver and liver drainage and bone regeneration. Traditional aid for skin conditions, and rheumatic conditions, detox of organ wastes as well as remineralization.

Truly the best protocols involve nutrition, ritual or noetic practices and potent herbs to stimulate the bodies response and self-healing. This is the essence of spagyrics and noetic medicine, which is a true cluster or entourage therapy that combines the perfection of nature through technique and the alchemical traditional arts.