The Inca golden berry was the favored food of the high mountain warriors and shamans and a crucial crop packed with dense nutrients and protein, full of b vitamins and vitamins A and C as well as a good source of pectin and melatonin. It is soothing to digestive tract and used to prevent illness traditionally as well as for bad blood and it’s shown in modern studies to reduce bad cholesterol, as a modern superfood it is a perfect fasting, and balancing food in harmonizing biorhythms. We have bought many sources but finally find a delicious organic and sustainable product that has the sweet and tart balance that makes these almost addictive. Quality can diverge wildly on the internet from mushy to overly dried, to old to moldy. These are the highest grade in the world, we buy these in bulk for our friends and family and sell the surplus, if there is any. These will always be fresh because they are our absolute favorite. Just amazing quality, they are the best in the world.*

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inti certified organic sun dried inca golden berries