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The first in a series of direct Dharma and alchemical transmissions to be released in these times of spiraling doom and calamity. We stand at the threshold of world ages, of dark, patient agendas that are now unleashed with very little counter-force or resistance. The options are limited for seeking True Humanity, for liberation and finding the Way. Trusted institutions are infiltrated, with even many of the spiritual elite being seduced into complicit acquiesce to maintain their comfort and status. Our teachers and Sangha have worked to produce direct, forthright articulations of our worldview, philosophical basis and the practical protocols of inner and outer alchemy that one must avail themselves with diligence with their time left on this earth.

The occult wars have gone kinetic, and we are in World War III. The experiments of medical tyranny, the assault on supply chains and infrastructure, the intentional degradation of Traditions and morality, the infusing of the most incendiary rhetoric and teachings, the increased lawlessness and rampant criminality, degeneration of all decency and protection of children’s innocence are just the beginning of wave after wave of radical, coordinated shocks to the collective psyche. These are calculated to send the deep chills into humanity to numb compassion, demoralize from practice and discipline and to revert to the programming and agendas that they offer as solutions. We must arise to heroic levels in presencing the Dharma within every mode over being. We must train ourselves in the true mastery of governance over our own Thought, Words and Deeds. We set for this series in rapid succession the most dynamic and powerful skillful means and the community and Sangha for correspondence and support.

We are not here to validate your weakness and excuses, to absorb your toxic lamentations, your reactions to the world crumbling before you as everything you grasp is torn from your tight fisted grip. We are here to sharpen knives and swords in severing all that hold one back in platitudes, lies and foolish whispers to soften the blows to the Self. We arrive at these critical points in history as generations go soft from the abundance their ancestors produce. A rot creeps in, a decadent, latent hubris that is entitled, shallow and weak. It is like the rust that eats away at metal or the molds and fungus that rots fine leather or paper. There is the perpetual adolescence as so many fail to truly mature, become adults, True Human beings and therefore are stunted in spiritual growth towards adeptship and realizing Buddha Nature.

Drastic situations require an equal response. There are limited options to all from karma and destiny, but within all as microcosms is the innate seed and potential of the Gods. But most waste this potential in an unending open wound that bleeds and infects themselves and all around them. Buddha is the Great Physician, and these teachings are the prescriptions for integrated health of body, mind and soul. But it is of no use to read it and not dedicate each day to practice and to create chains of focused integrity of discipline. To those that read our writings and then proceed to do nothing with them, we thank you for the donations and ask you to at least pass the writings on to someone that will make proper use of them. Do not let them sit on the shelf with the other books that are collected but never put to any actual Work. To those that write and have experienced the rapid progress, healing, and attained the defined states of the alchemical process within, we are in deep kindred gratitude. It is for you we labor to mark the trail that you may keep to the Way.

We encourage the formation of small Dharma study groups to form groups and small communities to practice and propagate these teachings.