"Kaay Fii" Thiouraye (Senegalese Incense)

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This incense name translates to “come here”, a seductive, intoxicating and erotically powerful incense formulated from West African power herbs traditionally used to seduce and provoke sexual bliss. What ever your opinion on polygamy, cultures with multiple wives have developed the highest techniques of seduction and erotica to preserve their place in their husbands hearts, or to be the “number one” in terms of affection. The man’s attentions are divided between his wives, so each wife might vie for his attention using special lingerie, cooking and mood inducing magical plants and teas and spices to make sure they get their man’s attention and hold it. This is one of the most sensual and famous seductive blends, a little goes a long way and will clean the house of negative vibrations, psychic depressions and the spiritual forces opposed to romance and intimacy. This is a powerful catalyst for lowering inhibitions, aromatic signals to the brain, smoke signals from one partner to the other that they are hot and ready. Let this be a part of your erotic healing rituals and sex magic. Remember to make conscious love with healing intentions.*

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kaay fii thiouraye