Lamp Siddha Green Light Emerald Lion Spagyric Greens Blend

The seven stars of the lion are the seven chakras.

Out of the vast blackness, the dark, lightless abyss of Pure Night, shines the Celestial Lamp that projects pure energy that manifests to Life. The Galactic Sun emits the fullest spectrum of photons and radiation that are uniquely encoded into the cellular composition of the sentient life that is infused with the life-giving energy. This is a blend of Siddha tonic herbs, mineral and alchemical nootropic essences, philosophical trace elementals in bio-available salts, and water-soluble spagyric cell salts that combine into a potent energetic elixir. This is the fasting and detox blend for rejuvenation from a Siddha medicine and alchemical understanding, the fusion of ancient alchemical systems that have a common origin in the herbal-alchemical sciences of Asia. Many smoothie or green powders aggravate vata, they are full of sugar and drunk cold with ojas-depleting aspects, as well as ingredients dry and rough in quality. We have found the best traditional formula that can be taken with a little stevia for sweetener (or better honey) but otherwise should not have sugars added. One can usually add to chilled but not ice cold water, but it is best to drink this blend at room temperature with lemon juice for alkaline water and improving the digestion and bio-availability of the herbs. We add the special combinations of herbs to activate and unlock the key health benefits, and the warming spices that elevate this from a meal replacement to a true tonic or elixir. This is balancing, satisfying nutrition that is easy to assimilate and digest. Along with specially prepared water-soluble bhasma and herbal derived mineral and cell salts, this blend contains the following:
Dashmool (ten roots)
Black Haritaki
Goji Berry
Pippali/Black Pepper
Hari Phool Gobhi
Filatation Spagyrics equinox Tibetan mountain ormus powder
soluble spagyric cell salts

The color associated with the heart chakra is Green. Green symbolizes harmony, creativity, health, abundance and nature. It is the combining of yellow (soul) and blue (spirit).

Spiritual Phototropism

‘Incipit vita nova’

Botanical Alchemy
It is a common elementary school science project to demonstrate how a plant will bend to the light. This is a fundamental and profound truth manifested in nature. When a plant is given its needed light, water and nutrients, it will thrive. If anyone of them is deprived it will suffer disease and stress, triggering subtle cues for pests to attack it. But of all the soil nutrients and water, it is absorption of light for energy that is most spiritually profound. This is photosynthesis, the conversion of light to chemical energy which is a fuel for the plant as well as for the organisms that consume the plants. This means that this energy is encoded chemically in the plant from the sun, and it is stored by the plant and released into the insects, animals or humans that eat it. Plants have spirits, as is well known by all indigenous and ancient peoples, that are energetic signatures. These are the unique ways specific plants encode that light, which can manifest in the production of sugars to alkaloids. Scientists look at these complex processes that produce the various different compounds, sugars, terpenes and alkaloids as mere byproducts. This is only the happenstance of the reaction that occurs when sunlight strikes plants, as leaves ingest carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, and water is absorbed into the leaves, roots or cells themselves.
Plants tested under conditions that inhibit photosynthesis can sometimes show increased alkaloidal content, with the implications that light plays a crucial role in this phenomenon, with deprivation of light having marked effects. As alkaloids were principally understood to be defensive chemicals against predators, a decrease in Light has a response to check the weakness that signals insects by producing a chemical defense. But these alkaloids also attract higher life forms that consume and propagate those plants in relationships of mutual beneficial symbiotic cultivation. There are also unique alkaloids that form that seem to have no real evolutionary strategy that can be easily explained, other than perhaps esoteric understanding that plants are simply encoded light in unique patterns that manifest in specific chemical reactions in this microcosm. These living plants have unique genetic codes that are like the software language of communication, giving them an intelligence or “spirit” that is alive and reactive. This is the understanding that is at the core of all spiritual sciences, from magic to the highest meditations. This is an understanding of consciousness as permeating all facets of reality in the pantheism or animism that science will one day be forced to rediscover.

Plants will bend towards light (phototropism) in their process of photosynthesis, in exposing as much surface area in their harvesting of solar energy. Humans consume these plants and are ingesting this specific consciousness and signatures. These can be beneficial or harmful, healing or relatively neutral in action. The human experience of reality is thus generated by solar energy that is either encoded in plants that are consumed or in larger animals that have fed upon the green plants that capture and encode the sun energy. Humans are in some sense the avatar of plant consciousness, the aggregation of these diverse energetic signatures that feed the bio-chemical computer of the brain and body and the sum of these co-interdependent streams of being expressed to higher complexity. This is the mediated level of approaching and nourishing from the source energy of the Sun. Only the highest levels of meditation can remove those dense filters and access that energy directly, such as in the energetic fasting, solar gazing or bigu of Daoists. The spiritual equivalent is the yearning, starvation and thirsting for the source of spiritual energy and bending and stretching to find it.

Humanity as a whole stagnates in its own abundances, awash in the pollutions and confusion of severed roots. Like tender cuttings, the recent generations have been stressed and severed from their connections to the past and traditions and are thus vulnerable to systemic weakness spiritually, physically and psychologically. The spiritual darkness has been encouraged, initiated and manifested upon the world, in the occultation of the true energy and primal source energy. The aspirant to spiritual growth and health must bend and reach for the True Light, bend for the energetic theophany that manifests in the actualized and empowered Self. This is the sacred harvesting of energetic light, the potent green-blue luminous essence that catalyzes the ipseity, the individuation, the holy process of Becoming. It is out of the Shimmering Darkness, the Night of Nights, the Dark Night of the Soul, the Black Sun at Midnight, that the pure Green Light of the Heart arises.

The binary process of mind and sex has locked humanity into the prison of matter, a concentration of mental energy and sex drives that is the root of all pathology. The trinary heart energy, the initiatory numinous green of the heart, is the way of the Pilgrims of Love, the true disciples of the Heart. And like the seeker who quests for the Beloved, the task is simply to remove the barriers that obscure and enshrouded in shaded darkness. This process if life affirming growth, the provisional Self’s striving for Light to be energized in the warm embrace of pure energy. This is transmuted into the life processes, roots emerge to stabilize and draw forth the elemental ingredients for the biological alchemy that is life. Deprived or distorted there is mutation, given the elemental basic ingredients of life, there is evolution and transmutation. The Way of Love is the secret esoteric ingredient to the true Immortality, the true alchemical process that transcends death, the solvent of fear and pain that obscures the Divine Light. This is the way of Love (amour) or a-mour (deathlessness) that is at the Heart center of all True Paths. It is the Guiding Light to the the True North, the Center axis mundi of the spine in the microcosmic realm of the body.

The alchemical saint removes the obscuring darkness, and through their own ecstatic bliss of self-transformation they are able to absorb and assimilate, transmuting mundane experience into gold and emitting a refined and pure quanta of energy back out from the compassion for the benefit of others. They must turn poison into elixir, pain into bliss, and problems into resources. The saint must bend to the light beyond all others, infused in processing the cosmic energies that inform consciousness through the ecstatic theophany. They must ignite in the inner process by stepping out of the closed system of the corporeal body and becoming the conduit for the most subtle forces that comprise the highest realms. Vines, like the vines of the bottle gourd, spiral their energy and literally shake and move in finding the means to grow and extend, encoded and storing and transmitting that spiraled energy back to the earthly reality. The helix like tendrils, the process of thigmotropism, is the botanical sensory growth directed to light and for support in its ascent. The deep secrets of the energetic patterns and absorption of the most potent energies are written in the languages of leaves, roots and branches. The medicinal plants are the saints of the botanical world, fulfilling the sacred healing presencing of astral signals and signatures and conveying them in selfless abandon to the higher forms and mingling their essence in the microcosmic center of the human.

In the darkest confusion, the deep abyss, the black forests of fear and despair of the fairies’ tales, is our starting point on the initiatory trial. The only true Guide is the inner yearning of the Heart for a Beloved he can only dimly conceive of, and yet has the gnosis of reciprocated agony in separation. The Guide is the emergent Green ray of the highest human ideals of love, honor and integrity. The empowerment arises like a Green Lion devouring the fears and anxieties in the gentle warming azure prisms that shine like the beacon towards the path. The strange attractors of the hearts noble desires produce the healing elixirs in the spiritual photosynthesis of meditation and devotion. The adept steps from the black abyss into their now self-generated quintessences, their elemental forging of golden self comprised of the balanced hues and humors of celestial energies. “Here begins the new life” reborn in the light, firm in the roots of the Wise, bearing fruit for the hungry and condensing the pure energy for the most subtle alchemy of the etheric jade splendour of the astral light.

The Tantric syncretic Sufi-Bhatki cults of Love grasped this mysterious Light and its mysterious force upon the spiritual center of humanity as well as the attracting beacon to entwine with the heart’s source light. The great Saint Semnani (1280-1386) described the highest mystical station as not of black light but of Green Light. The following are the colors he associates with each of the seven mystical veils linked with their esoteric microcosmic centers in the body, with the seven chakras
1 Muladhara/Earth – Darkness, the stage of the subtle body at the level of its birth, still very close to the physical organism; a blackness sometimes turning to smoke-grey
2 Svadhishthana/Water – Blue light = soul
3 Manipura/Fire – Red light = heart
4 Anahata/Air – White light = superconsciousness
5 Vishuddha/Ether – Yellow light = spirit
6 Ajna/Mind – Luminous Black = arcanum. The black light; the Luminous Night
7 Sahasrara/Void – Green light = the Divine Center.*

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