This is from a Daoist hermit’s secret alchemical stash. A truly artisan precious treasure of aged puerh resin that is philosophically infused into the highest grade spagyricaly prepared spirits with wild unicorn grass, organic wild tea pollen, and the calcined plant salts of the alchemically extracted components. These are gently refluxed in traditional alchemical vessels, give a potent, gently extracted essence of potent wild puerh qi. Traditional Chinese Medicine claims that Pu-erh can also lower blood alcohol after drinking, relieve hang-over symptoms, prevent dysentery, and stimulate secretions from the spleen and other organs. Pu-erh breaks up Stagnation and Phlegm, and improves Qi. The result is better circulation to the extremities, relief from the pain of varicose veins, and some improvement with peripheral neuropathy. Symptoms of digestive problems such as Acid Reflux, Common Indigestion, IBS, Cohn’s Disease and other related ailments are better tolerated. Te unicorn grass is a growth found on wild puerh, and is heralded for its tonic effects on the immune system. The organic cracked cell wall tea pollen makes this a nutrient powerhouse. Camellia sinensis pollen offers the same nutrient profile, but balances hormone levels instead of adding androgen (or any phyto-hormones) to the system. This makes Camellia sinensis pollen the ideal pollen for everyone else. Camellia sinensis is for everyone that actively wants to halt aging and restore youthful health. Those wanting the unique benefits of Pine Pollen but not needing the added androgens that Pine Pollen offers. Finally the minerals of all these wild mountain herbs are extracted through alchemical calcinations and purifications, make it the most potent bioavailable infusion for healing and fasting protocols.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Lu Yu's Five Element Alchemical WIld Tea Elixir