For post-partum stress and depression. This is much requested and needed formula to effect the subtle energetics at play in the woman after giving birth. The body can register the birthing process and related emotions and stress as a deep trauma that encodes itself in the physiology of the body. The body registers stress, the hormones and subtle channels and chakras become imbalanced, which then feeds into a negative feedback loop with the brain in a downward inward spiraling circuit that can be expressed in depression, despair and crippling malaise. The sense of detachment to oneself and family can exacerbate the issue, amplyfing what even in the best situations can be a difficult transition. We have deeply researched the many schools of medicine for what we consider to be the safest (for lactating mothers) supplement for post-partum, formulated by a master wise woman and female herbalist who has been treating women fo 60 plus years. This humble and anonymous teacher has taught us her flower essence elixir that includes organic and biodynamic and astrologically harvested and prepared flower essences of glassy hycainth, star of bethelem, agrimony, holly and willow extracted and infused spagyically in special combination of gems and elite shungite infused filtered wildcrafted spring water at a dillution of 1:6000 of flowers and alcohol. All organic, non-gmo, wildcrafted.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ma Durga Mother's Comfort Organic Biodynamic and Spagyric Flower Essence bottle gourd herbs