This is a Daoist energetic supplement to disperse the evil qi that stagnates and blocks the meridians. This is a concept one will find at the root of most of the worst chronic conditions. Evil qi forms from a number of causes, it can be the confluence of poor diet and emotional disturbances, stress, the unrequited angst of life, pollution and psychological issues. These negative patterns over time become normalized in the body. The body gets used to being tired, depressed, demoralized and as a result, like a disgruntled employee, the organs slow and do a poor job. This leads to even more accumulations and energetic derangements. This is from our constant search to find the catalyst to disrupt this stagnation and to invigorate the primal energy and vitality or qi. These are the Daoist version of nectar pills and jewel pills, extracted in ancient techniques and pressed by hand into easily taken, rapidly digestible and bio-available pills. The body gives all sorts of signs and symptoms of a build up of toxic qi, phlegm and mucous, loose stools and flatulence, lethargy, depression, lack of sex drive, head aches, sensitive to cold, restless sleep, irritability to more extreme and truly pernicious self-destructive cellular mutations in the body that give rise to the truly baneful and terminal conditions. Qi stagnation is the root cause of so many chronic conditions. These are great to take for the first 25 days of the 100 day techniques in Daoist inner alchemy but can be extended and taken throughout. Very good for the above conditions in moving this energy out and dispelling the toxic qi. Suitable for men and women but do not take if pregnant or nursing as no herbal formula should be taken without strict advice of a qualified health care provider.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.