This is another amazing nectar Pill, consecrated and empowered and made by the rainbow body achieving TulkuSonan Gyatso Rinpoche who had huge achievements in bringing benefits to all sentient beings, also named Lama Duoji Wangji Zayang (meaning maintaining Dorje power). These are from one of the oldest lineages of nectar pill creating traditions, where the story goes that the root ingredients come from a rainbow shower over a shrine that rained down special nectar pills. These are the highest class of oral liberation nectar pills, containing the rainbow essence of these original blessed pills that are portioned out and mixed over centuries. These are for meditation, starting a practice, re-taking and renewing Vows, healing spiritual or especially when someone is sick. They contain a vast assortment of blessed substances from the New and Old Schools of Tibet. They can be taken anytime as a general blessing. They are made of samaya substances and are particularly beneficial to practitioners of the Vajrayana. These sacred pills are meant to remove obstacles and negativity. They can be taken anytime and especially as a cleansing before important retreats or practices. They’re considered extremely sacred and can be used in inner offerings and sacred drink during ganachakras. Further, just tasting a speck of this guarantees that one day one will attain the state of buddhahood. The are blessed by masters of the practice of Chenrezig to create a positive connection to develop compassion and benefit.

One can feel a strong joy and blissful, yearning and intense compassion and intense desire for Enlightenment with these pills. One can feel an intense striving for healing and aiding others and feel the blessed energy surge through the body, inspiring wisdom and clearing obstacles towards deeper realization. This is a true rare items, in a finite amount from a specific nectar empowering Ceremony called the Massing Clouds of Amrita Offering during the Black Vajra Crowning of this Saint.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.