We write this special offering request to aid and assist some devoted elders who are in need, as well as to obtain precious medicines from some disciples who have been hit with extreme hard times in this induced madness and chaos. We present the single greatest text to have in English of the pure Tantra, we present the empowering and purifying Japanese Shingon jewel pills, and one of their small and delicate solidified mercury Bodhisattvas. Likewise we have a special item encased that can be used to create holy water, it is from the yamabushi. We include special mountain carved images of the Dharma Protectors to empower one’s meditation. We will include some fine Dharma incense, and thus one has the empowering medicines, the essential, purest transmission in English of the teachings, and the talismanic power items that clear obstacles and chase away pernicious entities. And one gains vast merit in contributing to the cause of Sangha members who cannot afford the precious medicines because the ingredients are so rare.

We use these projects to obtain and create sustainable futures for the medicine, this is a central goal of our Sangha. We are an alchemical and herbalist collective and the highest medicines become increasingly rare. We must invest in the future and create a dynamic healing present, and it is a balance that must be struck as in all things. We shall offer more of these texts, special offerings and the rarest items to continue the growing of the Sangha. We bless the foundation and first year with extreme ascetic withdrawal. All of the writings will be edited at the conclusion of the rites and the next year will be the blossoming of all of this year’s intense labors. We must be steadfast in practice, in contributions of energy, of support, of aiding and assisting our fellows in these times. We will wish in the final hours we had done more, given more, practiced harder, not wasted a second of this precious incarnation.

It is no light task to create and sustain a Sangha and to presence, preserve and transmit true Dharma. We must constantly take refuge in the deep wilderness, to recharge and ground these waves of karma that the world is experiencing at an accelerating rate. We have pushed ourselves through such darkness, despair and disease over countless lifetimes. All of us stand at the threshold, the fork in the road and ultimatum of pure heart and blood or the artificial, synthetic intrusions on our sovereignty as True Human Beings.

We must understand we are in the hot, kinetic occult wars that are unleashed and unfettered as this Kali Yuga descends into chaos. We must equip ourselves with the elite herbs for health, we must engage fully in the practices to train the body and to endure. We must saturate the Mind with the skillful means and Purest Dharma and empowerments to sustain our very Being in these times.

We have been asked by fellow members of the Sangha to give the most complete transmission, and we are editing these and it is an immense task. In the meantime, we here offer a few of these volumes to those interested in the complete transmission and to glimpse the sacred mandala and pith teachings of these lineages in its purest form. We must understand this Tantra is from the Oldest Buddhist traditions of India. It came into China, and into Tibet, Korea and Japan. The tradition went underground, some think it went extinct, in China, and it came to exist only truly in accessible forms in Tibet and Japan. But both have become very degenerate and infiltrated, beholden to and the vehicle for these anti-Dharma counter-initiation forces. There are some scholars who have translated and documented the essential treatises with an academic purity that makes their work near that of true saints and Bodhisattvas. Such value is their work to the student of the Dharma who must fuse their inner work and search with a true Sangha and the true Dharma texts.

We are building the community for those to obtain the herbs, the relics, the power items that unlock and create the favorable conditions for fruition of practice. These are the skillful means that become essential to activate the texts, and the herbal and alchemical formula are the catalyst for these. Any component must never be lacking, especially in these times as they will create severe imbalance. One must connect with the Sangha with contributions for their herbs, of research and ways to sustain the Dharma teachings. This is in time and funds and services from editing, to research, translations, graphics, videos, music, any ways that help to engage a true, dynamic spiritual community.

These can be mutual assistance networks, those that need herbs in sickness, or those nearly dying from the parched desiccation of their soul yearning for true initiatory methods. We use donations to give blessed gifts to those engaged fully in training, from householder couples to bless their homes, to the sick and imprisoned or exiled, to the elderly or those that seek to be healers and Dharma protectors. We create the networks and herbalists guilds, sustain the hermits and masters in their retreats and travels. Fund printings, translations, and importing the rarest herbs.

We are able to get the items every time a teacher is able to emerge and send the boons of special offerings. We will be putting up special items for your spiritual and bodily health as things intensify and accelerate. We must always have the urgency and immediacy of death and loss as our ultimate Guru. We must embrace the temporal, fleeting nature of life and practice and work towards the Way as if each day, week, month and year is our last. We are either presencing the vitalism of the Dharma or the degenerate and dark forces of this demon age. The Kali Yuga is not named for the goddess Kali, but of the archdemon son of Krodha (anger) and Himsa (violence). We must presence the true Tantric hero as avatar and Enlightened One. It is time to stop the excuses, the nonsense and become a serious Master and adept of one’s true potential. If you are not in control of your thoughts, words and actions, then you are out of control. You will never realize the singularity of purpose and stabilize the toxic and wayward poisons within that knot and bind the subtle body to this hyper-physicality. The true Buddha nature must be revealed by the intense Siddha alchemy. Infuse your body with the rich, purified alchemical medicines, purge the toxins, the biofilms, the poisons and pollutants, nurture the system with the sacramental herbs to condense the vitalism of the secret fire. Encode the true Dharma and embed the mandala and sutras in the deepest recess of your consciousness. This is the simple but truest and highest way to dissipate the darkness of this collapsing world age.

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