We offer this holy medicine which we have taken great expense to procure. We have obtained the red bead and the black bead both produced by Shri. K.P. Chandrakanth, and both have unique healing and spiritual alchemical effects. These are beads from the alchemical science of the supreme Siddha master Bogar, and we infuse his holy alchemical products into the spring water that the Sufi and Siddha master Bawa Muhaiyaddeen discovered at what was to become his shrine in southeastern Pennsylvania. You will see many older or ill persons collecting this water, from where Bawa pointed at ground and said dig a well here. It’s a vital living water, highly structured and potent with a deep energy signature and is rich in natural mineral and ormus. We add the navapashanam beads with shungite to retain the living structure of the water and then suspend the beads in the water for a minimum of two weeks and enclosed in a yantra covered dual chambered metal crucible lined with magnetite sand. This is the most subtle and profound spiritual alchemical elixir, catalyzing an inner initiation. Free local, contact for larger quantities. Comes in a 2 oz. dark amber glass dropper bottle.

navapashanam concentrate