We get this from our links in the Nordic pristine pine forests, the most pollution free and ecologically progressive areas in the world. This is the highest quality, the finest grade and the most potent Pine Pollen. We actually like it better than the Asian styles, it the virgin forests and pure mountain air and cold that really produces a superior product. We get this through collectives of traditional wildcrafters. It is important in our philosophy to have a wide spectrum of herbs, including the bio-regional local herbs (so eat your local dandelion roots for examples as having unique qualities in response to local pollutions, etc.) to bio-genetic herbs of one’s ancestors, as part of the herbs that were used in their acclimation to different seasonal changes, stress and illnesses. We also advocate the third level of energetic alchemical medicines which have a presence in the West but that ultimately derives from the East. So it is these three layers of herbalism that we advocate in confronting the perfect storm of pollutions, stress, ageing and technological changes that affect our chemistry.

Containing both testosterone and DHEA, packed full of antioxidants, glutathione and the superoxides it is a powerhouse boost to the endocrine and immune system. The powder form of pollen has more nutritive vitamins and remains the best bioavailable source of androgens like testosterone. We offer both tincture and powder. Our certified organic wildcrafted cracked cell wall is the highest quality from those cold remote regions, and the stress on the trees registers increased content of the nutrients. This is a great supplement for training and recovery, energy, and replenishing the diminished sexual and vital energy from over-indulgence as well as aging. It is especially helpful for boosting both endocrine and immune functions and indicate as being the most effective more men and women aged 40 to 50, although all ages can benefit. Women are advised to take the powder form as nutritional supplement over the tincture form which has increased testosterone. It also helps allergies. As many herbalists note, toxins in the environment can produce estrogen like qualities linked to a number of health conditions like fertility issues, benign fibroid growths and breast cancer. Consuming androgenic foods, like pine pollen, helps to balance these higher amounts of xenoestrogens. We think this is the top grade quality.*

*All the above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.