The benefits of turmeric are being touted all over the world by health enthusiasts, and with good reason. The benefits are so amazing from anti-inflammatory ,anti-oxidant, helps digestion, fight tooth decay, helps wounds heal, natural painkiller, heals bone healing, protects skin, anti-allergic, treat asthma, boost immunity, regulate blood sugar, blood purifier, helps coughs, improves arthritis, stomach ulcers, and weight loss. We present a family favorite from the Tantrik Laboratories, who have a special process that ferments the organic turmeric for maximum bio-availability, and then dries and extracts that in a quick spagyric wash, to produce a easily soluble absolute purified golden powder that dissolves into milks, either or nut, seed etc, effortlessly. It dissolves into the bloodstream, pulsating those healing roots. This is the best version of this, and it its only taking a small teaspoon in warm milk. Turmeric effects are known to be increased by a small amount of black pepper, and we have a pure pepper extract with some Indian long pepper, that gives all the benefits and only a slight, but delicious spicy tone to the milk. This is what the siddha gurus sip on.

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